Here we go again….

Ah, so here I am again. I have had…a plethora, I think that’s a good term to use…of blogs recently — each of them coming to a close for a various number of reasons. The one I liked most — which was also titled “Peace, Love & Munchies” — came to halt when I started school again, and everything became super overwhelming. I just felt like I couldn’t keep up with it.

Now, I realize…and wish…I’d kept up with it. I mean, it wasn’t even a month ago that I got rid of it, so it isn’t like I’m picking up the pieces after a year break or something, but … I realize how great of an outlet it was for me. Plus, not that I have been eating horribly — but I felt like I was eating so much better while blogging, and held myself accountable for the stuff that I ate more than I do now.

Plus, it’s dorky — but I like taking pictures of my food….it’s fun. :-p

Anyway, I hope anyone who used to read my stuff will find their way back…and maybe I’ll meet some new amazing peeps in the blogosphere. haha

Oh, tonight’s dinner, you ask?


It’s what my mom calls “Green Eggs and (insert rice/pasta/etc)” — tonight, it is barley, and it is so good. It is essentially a casserole of barley, spinach, some egg as binder and some Parmesan cheese. She sent it to me and it included some sauteed onions, cabbage and zucchini (which is a lot yummier than it sounds). Nothin’ is quite as good as home cookin’…especially when it’s just a matter of reheating. πŸ™‚


Plus, I sipped on some Trader Joe’s Unsweeted Blueberry and Pomegranate Green Tea (seriously, sooo good).

Ahh, it feels good to be back!

4 thoughts on “Here we go again….

  1. I always quit writing during school too, but it really is a good outlet, so I’m trying to stick with it this time. Good luck with yours!

    • Yayy!! I’m so glad you found me!! You’re going right back up on my blogroll!! And thank you! It was really yummy…some nice warm food on a chilly night πŸ™‚ — I ate sooo fast. haha Woops!

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