Green Machine Goodness

Ahh, I have to say, I am glad today is over. It is only Tuesday, but the week seems like it should be over already. Anyone else feel the same way? Not a good sign of things to come. haha I’ve just been really tired, and I’m honestly looking forward to a weekend of doing nothing – well, except working… BUT it’s a long weekend, and that’s always a plus!! Gosh, here I am blabbering on about the weekend and it’s not even Wednesday yet. haha

Anyway, so it was an early one…well, technically every day is an early one. I was up, out the door, coffee in hand, and in class for 8:30am. I managed to snap this pic of my coffee in the elevator – so incognito of me!


Class went well, got out early…which gave me the opportunity to get home and  EAT. I munched on a portion of a banana – some of it was just too bruised. I threw that part in the freezer though for some future banana bread-making endeavors!! Frugal, frugal, frugal! I also had a Trader Joe’s Fat Free Greek Yogurt – Honey flavored. I add sunflower seeds for some added crunch!! (Pre-shelled, of course).



I had a meeting at 1, so I had some downtime; which…I was a blob. I’ll admit it; I did nothing. However, I made it to my meeting, and then I got some “sushi” and a tea from Whole Foods. (Not pictured, unfortunately). The “sushi” was yummy a.k.a. a veggie roll made of brown rice, sesame seeds, cucumber, avocado and nori. The tea was – mehh. – I forget which brand it was, but I think it was more the fact that it was iced tea, that got somewhat warm before I could drink any, that was the problem.

I also grabbed a Naked Juice – Green Machine. So delicious.  It has a good chunk of sugar (from the fruit, no added sugars!!), especially since I drink the whole thing, which equates to two servings, but it’s just what my body needs to power through my last class of the day and hold me over until dinner.


Now, I have a ton to do tonight – so a good meal is necessary. I’m having brown rice with Trader Joe’s Autentica Salsa and a wedge of Laughing Cow Light, some unsweetened applesauce and some of Trader Joe’s Blueberry and Pomegranate Green Tea, again. I think I’ll probably also make some roasted corn later on.



On another note…they’re still filming for the Kevin James movie, “Zookeeper” around here. The filming signs are ever-present!


Hope everyone had a great day!!!!


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