The Heat is On!

The heat is on. The heat is o-onnn! Yep, quite literally. haha The heat has turned on in the morning, in my apartment building, for the last two mornings. I thoroughly enjoy waking up to a cozy apartment; however, right now my windows are open because I got back from class and it was a touch too warm. I’d rather have it a little too warm than freezing, though.  Especially with New England winters!! (I can’t control the heat; I live in a brownstone and it’s all gas heat through radiators.)

Today, I waited until the last possible second to get out of bed . I think I gave myself a max of 15 min to get up, dressed and ready…and I did it! haha I think I even had a few minutes to spare. Apparently, I can be pretty speedy when I want to be!

Ahh, so the morning routine began with my usual (and totally required) Starbucks run. I got a tall skinny hazelnut latte. I’ve decided to go the “tall” route cuz well, 1. fewer calories…even though it’s a skinny drink; the less of it there is, the better and 2. my drink’s price has gone up (3¢…but still, up), and a “tall” is the perfect amount for me, and a much better price point.

Once again, I snapped a secretive photo in the elevator on my way to class. I apologize for my ugly/chipped manicure. haha


Class got out early YAY! I went to Whole Foods to see if I could find the larger version (or any version) of my new love, the Green Machine – Naked Juice. They didn’t have anything – so I left empty handed. That’s pretty much a miracle, considering how many things I did want.

I ended up finding some at a local 7-Eleven; they’re expensive (approx $4 a pop) so I only bought two, but I figured I’d be good and try and stretch them out. They are just so good though!!


I’m now back at my apartment; I am having some super, delicious watermelon from Trader Joe’s and a portion of the lovely Green Machines, found at 7-Eleven. haha I don’t know what I’m going to do for lunch, maybe a little rice or something. I’m really craving pizza. Maybe I’ll treat myself tonight.:)



I saw someone describe the color of the Green Machines as “Ninja Turtle Green” — and you know what? that’s perfect…they really are. haha I enjoy the fact that while drinking them in class or public people look at you like you’re nuts for drinking something that looks so unusual.

Okay, I’m off until later! I need to MAJORLY clean my apartment, too – it’s like my clothing exploded. I would show you – but it’s too embarrassing. haha

Hope everyone’s having a wonderful day!!

4 thoughts on “The Heat is On!

  1. your pics are fabulous girl! and love your blog! are you a fellow bostonian?? me too!! 😉

    totally hear ya on the priceyness of the sbux drinks! i mean 3 bucks for milk and espresso?? nooo thank you (well once in a while of course, they are utterly delish!)

    enjoy your day!
    the weather is crazy lately for sure!!

  2. You know a lot of grocery stores sell green machine in larger sizes? I think it’s a quart-ish, and around here (philadelphia) they cost about ten bucks – still a lot, but probably about half as much as buying them individually, plus you can portion it out a little better (half of a regular bottle isn’t enough for me, but a full one is a little intense!). I never expected to find them at the grocery store, but my regular ol’ shop n’ bag has them, so it’s worth checking! Plus, I know trader joe’s has something similar (check with the refridgerated juices, it’s got “green” in the name) – I’ve never had it, but I’ve heard good things, and it’s probably loads cheaper.

    Hi, btw – I Just found your blog, and am looking forward to spending a while catching up some! I went to school in western mass – you’re totally making me miss the gorgeous fall foliage. 🙂

    • Aw, yeah I saw on the Naked Juice website that they come in bigger sizes, but I’ve yet to see ’em anywhere…boo. But I will def have to check out the similar stuff at Trader Joe’s (especially considering I’m sure it’s cheaper!) Thanks for the comment and the tip!!!

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