Ch-Ch-Chili!! :)

Man, oh, man. Today’s been quite the day. I already mentioned I had class bright and early — but I don’t believe I mentioned my glorious nap this morning…yep, morning. haha I got back from my class around 9:40 and had passed out by 10. I really, really needed that nap.

I know that I needed it because when I woke up at 11, an hour later, I had a mini panic attack as I had forgotten for a second whether or not I went to class! haha I literally thought I’d just slept through it…well, luckily, after coming to my senses a bit more, I realized I had made it to class — and that calmed me enough for me to pass out for another hour of sleep. I reaalllly, realllly needed it. My schedule has been running me ragged — but ya know…it is worth it. 🙂 Plus, that’s what weekend’s are for! to recoup!!  (aside from Sunday for me…then it’s work).

Ahh, so this afternoon I hopped a train to my dad’s house. He doesn’t live too far away which is nice. I managed to catch the Commuter Rail before the Columbus Day rush (though it was still busy with people skipping out of work early). So, for about an hour, I just gazed out the window at the (multi-colored) world whizzing by.


So, as I mentioned before, my brother’s best friend is being deployed to Afghanistan at the end of the month. Tonight, we got together at my dad’s house to eat his famous chili and drink a few brewskis. It was a fantastic time, and, though I’m worried about him, I’m really proud of him, too.

My dad’s chili is really good — AND he’s adapted it and makes it with ground turkey breast, now!! Yayy for healthier! So we had that and some beer, and it was awesome.



So now, I’m just relaxing with this cutie, and watching the Food Network!


So, I’m gonna sit back, relax and enjoy the show. 🙂 (and probably fall asleep soon…haha)

Nighty night everyone!! Happy weekend!!


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