A dry day in my apartment

Hello, hello! I have been sucking down water like crazy today because the heat in my apartment has been making the air so unbelievably dry. I woke up from my nap (haha yes, I napped) and literally felt like I’d been hit by a truck. It felt like I’d been on a weekend bender. Still does sort of.

I’ve got a temporary solution of opening the windows and I placed a damp towel over the enclosure that is over my radiator (it’s not actually touching my radiator..so no worries, not a fire hazard). Hopefully, the combination of the two will get a little bit of moisture into the air. In the mean time, I’ve been chugging water like woah.

I munched on strawberries and sunflower seeds through most of the morning and afternoon. I wanted to get some grocery shopping done today, but it was too wet. Tomorrow it is!



I felt like switching up my usual rice concoction tonight…so I made “fried rice” — sort of. I got out my wok (it’s maiden voyage! haha), and proceeded to chop up some zucchini and some cabbage.


They got tossed in my wok with a little olive oil spray, some red pepper flakes, some onion powder and some salt and pepper. Then I added the rice (woohoo for having so much rice precooked!!), and some soy sauce and red chili paste.


I ended up adding some more soy sauce to my individual serving…just cuz I really like it. ๐Ÿ™‚ (low sodium, though!) I’ll probably have more than one bowl, I’m starving.


Now, I’m off to get some work done/relax, clean and then watch The Biggest Loser tonight! woohoo!

Hope everyone had a wonderful day!


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