Today was a pretty good day overall. I’m happy that it’s over though. I don’t have have my normal class tomorrow sooo it’s officially the weekend for me! Woo! Unfortunately, that means I have about 1,001 things to do …cuz you know, professors are so good at spacing out all of the stuff you have due.

Today I watched the movie “Un Secret” for my French class…boy, was it..well, not depressing…but thought provoking. I kind of wish I owned it so that I could watch it again. There’s something odd about sitting in a computer lab, with headphones on, surrounded by strangers and watching a movie. haha

Anyway, onto the food! That’s the important part, right? haha Well, I went to Whole Foods around noon to find myself a bite to eat. NEVER again will I go to this particular store at noon. It’s was ridiiiculously busy (its location makes it an easy lunch spot).  It was like people had never seen food before. Plus, buffet etiquette was lacking so I passed on the whole “food bar” aspect.

I ended up getting a small portion of a run of the mill avocado roll. It was yummy. Nothing too exciting. It was just enough food though, and satisfied my hunger. I got a Green Machine from our little “lounge café” on campus – I had most of it but unfortunately forgot it in my last class…boo.

*Note: I did not take these beautiful sushi photos — but they look like my lunch today — substituting the white sushi rice, for brown rice.


Photo property of: starrymom

Oh, while I’m thinking of it…I tried  Trader Joe’s version of the Green Machine (“Trader Joe’s Very Green Juice Blend), and it was verrrrry close in taste. More than taste, it was just a touch more acidic than the Naked Juice version, but still very, very good.


Back on track now, I came home and immediate turned on the oven. Got out a zucchini, some cabbage, some olive oil, onion powder, salt, pepper, and red pepper flake and roasted the veggies. YUM!



I also broke out my trusty rice maker and made a tonnn of brown rice (6 cups cooked). I season it with some Mrs. Dash Seasoning – Southwest Chipotle. I love this thing. Best appliance I have in my apartment – fo sho.



I’ll probably have a little rice, later, when it’s done. For now, veggies and maybe some applesauce later. haha Oooh the possibilities!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!


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