In advance…

I apologize in advance…


It’s that time of year. Gah. Of course, it hasn’t been made easy, and exams that were originally scheduled for next week (aka I took NEXT Sunday off of work) are this week — alongside a plethora of papers and other miscellaneous tasks to do for my courses.

So, in advance, I apologize if my posting is erratic, lacking or just plain weird (as I go insane? haha) over the next week or two. My exams space out over the next 2 weeks, I believe. Eeeps. I will try to still frequently post…why? because this is an awesome outlet for me…and what better use of a blog, eh? 🙂

Anyway, this morning/afternoon are my last tastes of freedom before I buckle down this evening and tomorrow to really get stuff done before I have to work (umm,  yeah, BOO!) on Sunday. This morning started off splendidly! (Not a sweetener pun…haha)

I had a lil’ bit of  Trader Joe’s Very Green Juice Blend. Tart and fruity. 🙂 And I had two slices of fiber rich whole gain wheat toast with a teaspoon of Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Butter on them. YUM! My first foray into the world pumpkin butter…mmm. You don’t really need a lot…I couldn’t see myself using the full tablespoon serving size. It would have been too sweet for me. It is soo delicious though.



I’m off to run a few errands, and then batten down the hatches and get work done. Happy Friday!!!


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