My own little R2-D2

Ah, so today has been hectic, but productive. I finally bought a humidifier for my apartment! and I bought a pedometer — cuz well, I walk A LOT and I want to know just how much! haha My humidifier was a bit of an…exhaustive…endeavor. I got to Bed, Bath & Beyond and searched through all of the humidifiers they had…cuz really, what the heck do I know about humidifiers?? Anyway, I finally settle on one because a.) I know the brand name and b.) It wasn’t $120.

Oh, I got a coffee on my way to the T…it was chilly so a warm beverage was verrry welcome!


So I trek it home (a T-ride and walk from the T-station home)…and open it up…and it’s missing pieces!! So after searching the box, just to 110% sure the missing stuff wasn’t in there)…I packed it all up again, trekked to the T, rode the T, walked to Bed, Bath & Beyond and exchanged it for another one.ย  They were extremely gracious about it at the store. This one, I opened while I was in the store to make sure it had all the pieces! haha

Anyway, so now I have a lovely humidifier that resembled R2-D2 in my apartment. It’s cute, haha….but best thing…it workkkks! haha Loving having moisture in the air again!! (and not having to keep my window open in really chilly temps).


After assembling the humidifier, I assembled lunch. Plain non-fat Greek Yogurt from Trader Joe’s, honey (harvested by a family friend!!) and sunflower seeds. Yum, Yum, Yum.


I worked my booty off all day on work — making only a slight dent in my list of things to do…but a dent nonetheless…


I’m continuing to work into the night…haha. Can you tell I like checking things off?

Tonight for dinnah, I had the usual: brown rice, salsa and Laughing Cow Light. I also had some corn on the side. For something sweet, I am currently munching on some sugar free/fat free chocolate pudding with a diced up banana (the whole banana…I know it only looks like two pieces in the pic). Yummm. Filling. Alright…back to work I go. ๐Ÿ™‚




4 thoughts on “My own little R2-D2

    • actually, i don’t eat honey too often …so for me to make a comparison would be hard. it was really good though; it’s nice to know who harvested it and where the bees were kept and stuff! haha

  1. yummy lookin meals you got there girly!

    bed bath and beyond at fenway perhaps is where you went??

    at least you had that sbux drink to keep you warm!! the T can get so crowded I dont do well with lots of people scrunched in a small place, if I am waiting for one and its crowded I wait for another!! happens alot during red sox season, ya know?

    i havent had pudding in soo long! it looks delicious!

    • haha ohhh yes, the lovely fenway stop. yesterday was sooo cold. so the starbucks was a lifesaver. haha ๐Ÿ™‚ i hear ya, the T gets soo crowded especially down there. plus, there’s always the surplus of tourists who are trying to go to fenway but don’t realize that they really should get off at the kenmore stop and not the fenway stop. i was happy that they had heat lamps on at the fenway stop though! woohoo! haha

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