Now this is math I can like…

Ah, so today I took my new pedometer out for a spin for the first time in order to get some coffffee. πŸ™‚ I burned approximately 70 (it says 74, but I’ve decided I’m going to round down) calories getting my coffee and bringing it back to my apartment — I burned about half of that coffee I just downed. haha Now this is math I can relate to.


Technically, they spell my name wrong every time — but obviously, a. I’m not going to correct them – Jil, with one L…um, RARE. and b. I’m not going to spell it for them either…I think that’s rude, c. I’m used to it by now and d. I don’t really care, haha. Plus, I know it’s me, and it’s just a measly little letter.

I do have to say this…I absolutely LOVE the nutrition portion of the Starbucks website. I wish every site gave you the option of changing sizes, etc. Granted, it’s still approximate (as they say in the disclaimer…each drink is handmade so therefore there will be some discrepancies with the caloric amount). The grande drink I get has 130 calories, but it’s nice to see that the same drink only smaller (what I normally get) is about 90. Not too horrible.

Picture 1

I came home and made myself a yogurt lunch. Non-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt from Trader Joe’s and I added some of the mango smoothie drink I got from Trader Joe’s, too. It’s pretty sweet so I figured I’d be a nice addition! Ding, Ding, Ding! We have a winner. I had to add a little honey for just a touch more sweetness, but it’s reaaaally yummy. I also, of course, added sunflower seeds after the fact.



OH! and I almost forgot. Last night before I went to bed (aka while I was still up and craving something crunchy), I remembered something I used to do all the time, and had totally forgotten about it. I take popcorn (94% FF) and add cocoa to it! Chocolaty, crunchy — yummm. I used some spicy hot cocoa mix from Lake Champlain Chocolates, I’ve had forever (it’s really yummy, I just never use it). It’s not really “spicy” per say, but the cayenne in it gives it something special. It was a perfect snack.



Today is the Boston Zombie walk — I’ve already walked by at least 7 zombies in my travels today. I only ask that they don’t approach me while limping and staggering about. I just don’t do well with strangers in makeup coming at me making gurgling noises and saying that want to eat my brain. K thaaanks. haha πŸ™‚

Have a great one everybody!

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