What the??? Snow?!?

Hola everyone! I’m here thinking warm thoughts. It snowed!! Not just snowed a little…not just little flakes. It snowed allll dayyy lonnng. Big heavy flakes of snow.

It made my work day a little more manageable…but still. It’s only October…noooo….I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come!!


This pic was taking out of my work’s back door at about 3pm— and the snow got heavier. haha

Anyway, so I woke up this morning, and my mom had made me walnut cake! She’s so sweet. I grabbed a chunk of it for the road…as a scurried off to work (running a smidge late…woops)!


On my way to work, I ended up behind a car that I always seem to find myself behind on my way to or from work. haha I find their vanity plate intriguing. Are the pastors? Are they being ironic? Are they extremely devout people of any religion? or what?? It’s funny how I always end up seeing the same plates…especially in NH, land of the vanity plate (they are pretty cheap, in NH, in comparison to other states).


I was tempted by candy in the break room!!


I ate one. haha I can’t resist “sour apple” flavored anyyything.

Now, I’m finally home after a long, long day of work. It was chilly out (luckily, my heat made the apartment super toasty), but I automatically decided I wanted some hot cocoa. I used the same spicy cocoa that I sprinkled on my popcorn the other day.


Perfect. πŸ™‚


Stay warm everyone!!


4 thoughts on “What the??? Snow?!?

    • haha πŸ™‚ seriously, they were both so worth it — although drinking a huge mug of warm milk before you have a lot of stuff to do…not the best idea in the book. haha it has made me sleeeepy. by the way, checked out your blog…loved it!!

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