Made it!

Hey, hey, hey!

Ahh, so I got everything I needed to get done for today finished …and a little ahead of time. NOW it’s time for the dauting task of gearing up for tomorrow – currently I am working on my French homework (mes devoirs!) and fueling up for some MAJOR advertising studying.

The yogurt mess I had earlier today really has held me over until now…it was so filling. I grabbed my Trader Joe’s Very Green Juice Blend and headed to class beverage in hand.


Yummy, yummy, yummy.

Class was alright. Ethics is not my cup of tea. I’m just not a person who intensely questions things…at least out loud. I enjoy what we are learning, but I’d enjoy it more if it didn’t involve grading. haha

As soon as I got back from class, I cranked up the oven and prepared to roast the remainder (about 3/4) of the cabbage I had in the fridge. I’ve been craving fresh veggies and this was the only one in my fridge. *I need to go grocery shopping, but…yeah, time is precious.*

It came out to be SOOO much cabbage — I’m not complaining though, it’s delicious (still eating) and definitely a needed boost in my energy. I topped the roasted cabbage with about a cup of brown rice which I prepared with my usual soy sauce, chili paste and sesame oil. I do have to say I love what roasting does to cabbage, the little crispy bits are the best!!


The cabbage literally filled the whole plate…it’s hard to see in the pictures as the rice is kind of in the center there…but yeah…so much. haha


Mixed it all together, and I’m still workin’ on it. haha ๐Ÿ™‚

At some point tonight I’ll probably have something sweet whether it be fruit or pudding or something …it won’t be for a while though! haha

Alright, I’m going to keep workin on this food and on my French. I hope everyone had a great day!!


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