Ahh, good morning everyone.

I was up late (but not too late) last night studying for an exam I have tonight. Eeeps, I’m nervous. I do have a tendency to over-think — and therefore make myself anxious…so I’m trying to quell any nervousness by just relaxing. I know a lot of people study like maniacs (and trust me I have been studying), but for me…it doesn’t matter how much I study if a. I make myself unbelievably nervous or b. I don’t get enough sleep. So…I made sure I was in bed by midnight last night (honestly, what good is studying your ass off, if you don’t get enough sleep for your brain to function the next day?? at least, that’s my theory), and I’ve given myself relaxation periods. …like right now for instance. I told myself I would start studying again at noon — since, I got back from my first class at about 9:30, it gives me a good chunk of time to just…veg… and not let my anxious thoughts go into overdrive.

However, I did get a good bit of studying last night, and I felt good pretty good about most of the material.


This morning, stopped at the ‘bucks per usual and got my tall, skinny hazelnut. I saw my friend (the older man who resembles a flamboyant Dustin Hoffman and wears Martin Scorsese glasses, haha). He came up to me and was like “Hello, sweethahht! Aren’t you pretty?! You know, you are the future!!” He proceeded to tell me, “You have it made and I want to be in a parade!”All while dancing a little jig. — He is too funny, and it made me smile and brightened my morning walk to class — and even now, it makes me smile.


A little java and a little bit of the paper while waiting for class to start.

I haven’t been too hungry today — I think it’s nerves — but I made myself a bowl of yogurt (TJ’s Plain Greek N/F yogurt, sunflower seeds, honey) because I know that I neeeed to eat. I’m sort of picking at it right now, but it’ll disappear (into my belly) eventually — it’s too good.


I’m going to go relax — maybe a hot shower or a quickie nap. πŸ™‚ Then it’s time to study a bit more. I will talk to you all later!!

Peace, love & munchies!!

✌ – β™₯ – ♨


2 thoughts on “Nerves?

  1. Hey girlllll hey. GOOD LUCK. You got this! You’v studied and you got a great sleep. That is important to do well…oh yea and not to stress πŸ˜‰ I’m sure you will do GREAT.
    Let us know how it went!

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