Almost there…

How’s everybody doin tonight? I hope well.

Today’s been an okay day. Nothing went wrong persay, for me — but got some disturbing news in my Ethics class. One of my peers was walking through the Common late last night (really, something he should NOT have been doing…that’s like walking through Central Park alone at night, you just don’t do it), and he was mugged by two men and stabbed three times… My professor told us…and literally, my jaw dropped. I mean most people know that late at night the Common is not a good place to be, but yeah, — it kind of takes the wind out of one’s sails.ย  Luckily, he is okay — obviously not stellar…he is still in the hospital, but he is stable. I won’t say his name since I haven’t seen any news releases on the story yet, but if you could just keep him – anonymous- in your prayers I’m sure he’d appreciate it.

However, moving on to lighter things. Today was an absolutely STUNNING day in Boston. My brother came and visited with me for a little while, and then I went to Starbucks. I actually hung out there and studied a little — I’ve never just hung out by myself in a Starbucks. I met some pretty cool peeps…so I’ll probably do it again. haha

I got a venti iced passion tea – unsweetened -. I know! I switched it up! haha So I sat inside (I wanted to sit outside but all of the seats were taken) and went over my Ethics review sheet. The guy next to me was an architect and he was taking pictures of all the buildings out of the window — it was kind of funny…this one girl asked him if he was a paparazzi. hahaha


I enjoyed about an hour of just basking in the warmth of the sun from the window (so that is what it feels like to be a kitty!) And headed to class.

Realizing I had NOT eaten anything since my yogurt mess this morning, I went searching for some healthy eats. I found some Chobani (pomegranate!!) and I enjoyed every last drop of it — I even ended up having a conversation about how great Chobani and, in general, Greek yogurt with a girl in one of my classes! I loved the crunch of the seeds. MmmmMmmm Good.


I came home and needed to make the best out of a verrry barren kitchen.

I popped some frozen corn into a sautee pan and browned it up (yumm), added brown rice, rice vinegar, soy sauce, chili sauce and sesame oil…sooo good and spicy. Seriously, one of the best concoctions I’ve made in months. It’s not too pretty though – I wish I had something green to put with it… oh well.


I also poured myself another big glass of Trader Joe’s Blueberry and Pomegranate Iced Green Tea, Unsweetened. I was drinking it earlier and my bro thought I was drinking wine…hahaha


Ahh alright, time to study for my French exam tomorrow mornin’…. Hope everyone had a wooonderful day! and that you all have an even better Friday!! (My posts tomorrow might be a little wonky…I have my exam, advising, and then I have appointments all afternoon.)

Peace, Love & Munchies!


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