Thirsty Thirsty Thursday

No, no, no…not ‘Thirsty Thursday” in terms of binge drinking a 30 rack of Natty Ice…haha. Seriously though, I’m soo thirsty today. I have already downed so much water, a coffee and now I’m workin’ on iced green tea. And it’s only 10:35am?

I got a really good night’s sleep last night. No worries, no homework….just relaxed and slept like a baby. It was wonderful. This morning, I woke up and gulped down a ton of water before heading out the door and trekking to my first class. I stopped on the way for my normal Starbucks (I think I’m going to buy an espresso maker this weekend), a skinny hazelnut latte (tall).

The woman near me, in line, had no concept of personal space — she was just awkward…I wanted to be like didn’t they teach you about your “personal bubble” in kindergarten?? She was practically on top of me. Space – space! haha

Grabbed another shot of my coffee in the elevator. I know thatI keep apologizing for my manicure…but it’s so awful haha. I think I’ll get one this weekend – a little treat for myself.


Class was good – short!! We talked about our final project — which shouldn’t be too horrible.

More movies are shooting around where I live — I am assuming this is the “code name” for Tom Cruise’s movie…yeah, they do the code name thing. Stupid really cuz everyone knows where they are shooting. If not, it’s just another one of the numerous movies being shot right now. haha


I got home and made myself a yogurt mess. It’s the last of my yogurt — sooo that means I’ll have to go shopping soon! or maybe I’ll pick up some on my way back from class tomorrow. So I made it right in the tub: Trader Joe’s Greek yogurt, sunflower seeds, honey. You know — the usual.



Also…yup – still thirsty. (J’ai soif!! — practicing for my French exam tomorrow…haha). I poured myself a huuuuuge glass of Trader Joe’s Blueberry Pomegranate Unsweetened Iced Green Tea. That’s a mouthful right there. haha


So, I’m a pretty happy gal right now — just chillin’, munchin’, sippin’, watchin’ a little bit of the tube right now, and enjoying the beautiful day (windows are OPEN!).

Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Peace, Love & Munchies.

2 thoughts on “Thirsty Thirsty Thursday

  1. i have that same iced tea from trader joes! Its yummy! great but subtle flavor!

    your skinny latte looks great oh and no worries about the manicure, mine end up looking like that after a while too!

    drink up girl!

    oh and your roomate was givvin you yucks for making sweet potato fries?!?! she hasnt even tried them how would she know if they were bad or not?! grrrr…you keep eating those fries!!

    • it is subtle, but ohh so yummy. and seriously. she had never had sweet potatoes before…EVER…let along in amazing fry form. pshh. she didn’t know what she was missing. (she’s also no longer my roommate haha)

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