A Late One..

As in…it’s noon. haha And I didn’t wake up that long ago…whoooops. It’s so dark outside that my room did not brighten up at all today! Plus, I think the late nights and stress of this past week caught up with me and I crashed when I got back last night.

This morning I had some Kashi Go Lean Crunch. Yum. So crunchy and satisfying. It reminds me of this cereal I had as a kid “Smacks” or something like that? I just remember it was a red box and there was a frog on the box. haha


I made some Reduced Fat Crescent Rolls and sprinkled Extra Dark Chocolate Chips on them — I looked in the oven halfway through the cooking, and I realized that in my haste to get them in the oven…I forgot to actually ROLL the crescent rolls up — hahahahaha. Wow, am I out of it today or what?!?ย  The rolls (uh well, they were supposed to be rolls) are about 90 calories a piece and then w/ the choc chips I’m gonna say they are about 120 a pop. They’re worth it though, such a treat.



Post-baking – chocolaty triangles? hahahahahahaha I’ve made these so many times, I just find it funny I randomly forgot the final step of making them actual crescents. It’s given me a good laugh (at myself) this morning. Luckily correct shape doesn’t correlate with taste. These are delicious!


Today I’ve got a full day of errands (and hopefully some decorating!)

Hope everyone’s enjoying their Saturdays, and that wherever you are…it’s less grey where you are than it is here. haha ๐Ÿ™‚

Peace, Love & Munchies!


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