Becoming my own barista?

Good morning, all! Sorry for my lack of posting last night — I got to assembling a desk and it just…whew…took a lot more time than anticipated. They desk looks glorious though; maybe I’ll post a pic when my aparment is cleaner…..haha. Plus, I didn’t do a very good job of documenting my eating yesterday, as it was kinda hectic. Ohhh well.

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend — it’s Monday…but boy oh boy…it feels like the weekend never happened. They always go by too quickly! Plus, I can’t believe it’s almost November…ahh! This month has FLOWN by!

I had crazy weird dreams last night — I think they all revolved around school, but I don’t remember the specifics…I just remember getting in trouble in my classes for stuff I didn’t do…but they were really weird things. I remember one part, I got up and left my PR class to go to the bathroom and suddenly I was in a mall, and these people kept asking me for directions, and so it took me a long time to get back to class…so then he yelled at me for missing some weird group thing they were doing when I re-entered the classroom. My brain is awkward. haha

I don’t have many pictures of food…BUT I did get a new tea kettle and a new ESPRESSSSSSO maker!! I haven’t used it yet (no espresso or milk in the house) buuut I’m so excited about it. Plus, I was watching Ina last night, and she made these espresso martinis and I was like “ahhh there’s my espresso maker!” — haha okay, I’m suuuch a dork. For food/beverages, I’ll be a dork, it’s okay .


This morning, I made myself some toast (using the oven, don’t exactly have a toaster up in this joint) — I covered it in crunchy almond butter and blackberry jam. No coffee this morning for me… I was running late so I didn’t stop. Class wasn’t horrible without it…I got a decent amount of sleep last night. However, we talking about French food and drinks the whole class (with yummy looking pictures) so that made me pretty hungry (pain au chocolat, anyone?? sooo yummy).


I have so much to do, but first comes grocery shopping. I have very, very little in my fridge to work with. The milk, I guarantee, has gone bad and I really don’t have much else. Definitely time for a shopping trip — I think I’ll make it a Shaw’s trip today, and not a Trader Joe’s…mixed up the goods a little bit. ๐Ÿ™‚ As much as I love TJ’s…the one near me is so small that it’s hard to find everything you want or need.

Oh, and I almost forgot, I picked up some new vitamins, too. I know I need to take them, but I have a tendency to skip them because they always (even if I eat with food) seem to make me sick. I was intrigued by the “adult gummy vitamins” they just came out with, but they really didn’t include that many (for the price) when I saw them. I remembered these Viactiv chews. I’d gotten them a long time ago, but I don’t remember why I didn’t get them again. 1. They are delicious (you..well, I, at least, have to be careful because I could literally pop them like candy..and well, they ARE vitamins). 2. They don’t upset my tummy. ๐Ÿ™‚ 3. I look forward to eating one everyday. haha They’re about 20 calories a pop, but for me it’s worth it to get my vitamins and not end up sick to my stomach later. I mean, what’s the point of a vitamin if it doesn’t stay in your system??


Alright I’m off to shop (’til I drop?). Then back here to spend this beautiful day doing homework…bah. Maybe I’ll pack up and go to a bucks or Trident and get some work done. I always meet fun/interesting/unique people when I do that…good stories. haha

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!

Peace, Love & Munchies!


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