Day is DONE – Part 1

Why part one? Well, mostly because I haven’t actually gotten around to making myself any dinner yet. haha It’s going to take me a while.

Anyway, so today was a very full day — TWO — count ’em TWO — midterms today, and other miscellaneous assignments due today. Oy, at least I got to sleep in a little. That was lovely.

I used my espresso maker for the very first time today!! Yayy! I didn’t break anything or burn myself or make a mess…(I can be somewhat accident prone sometimes) and it made a delicious batch of espresso! I warmed up some FF milk on the stove and added some hazelnut flavoring and made myself my VERY OWN skinny hazelnut latte (no foam). MmmmMmmmMmmm, was it ever good. And boy did it wake me up…no jitters, too. That’s always my problem with “normal” gives me the jitters. Lattes are where it’s at for me.


I seriously didn’t eat until about 1:30pm. Bad, Jil. Uhg, today I haven’t been bad in WHAT I’ve eaten…I just haven’t eaten ENOUGH…which is why I am going to hopefully make an epic dinner.Β  At 1:30ish…I had a little bit of Vanilla Chobani (Non-Fat) and added 1/4 c. of sunflower seeds and a dash of honey. The vanilla was not as sweet as I had anticipated it being.


After my mid-term (I got out around 5), I had a meeting with another girl in my group about our project. So while I waited I grabbed a Chobani (blueberry) from the Lounge and munched on that. I was hesitant to get blueberry cuz I didn’t like the TJ‘s blueberry Greek yogurt but Chobani‘s is really good.Β  Again, see …not much food or variety happening here. There really aren’t that many healthy, healthy options at the lounge (hence the Chobani repeat). There are things that *appear* to be healthy…but that’s a whole different story.


Now, I’m about to make some dinnahhh. I’ll update you guys with that later. I don’t have much to do tonight since alllll of my midterm crap is DONE!!!! πŸ˜€ So I’ll be relaxing and (healthfully) stuffing my face.

4 thoughts on “Day is DONE – Part 1

    • me, too! haha now, i just have to get a better travel mug — mine was a pain in the butt this morning (although, i can’t complain too much, it did do it’s job). haha πŸ™‚

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