Patches of Blue

Mornin’ folks! …almost afternoon I guess, too.

Ah, so this morning, I woke up to my alarm prepared to get up, shower, make a caffeinated beverage and go to class. However, when I looked at my phone, there was a lovely message from my professor stating that today was a “flex” day and that we didn’t have class this morning. He says he explained the flex day to us at the beginning of the year…I don’t really think so just because I write everything down, and I’m pretty sure I would have written “No Class!” next to it. Either way, I got to sleep in this morning which – was – glorious!

I made espresso this morning, and the latte followed. I made a little bit of a mess this morning (it boiled over a bit, while I wasn’t paying 100% attention. haha) on my stove, but it was easily cleaned.



I am now munching on some grapes as well. Yum, yum, yum. Today will hopefully go smoothly — it certainly has so far :). Off to read for a class. Blah. haha It’s alright…it’s a good day for it…pretty grey out there, but nowhere near as dark as yesterday!! I think I can see some patches of blue in there, too!! Wahoo!! haha


Talk to you all later! Enjoy your Thursdays! (I totally typed “Tuesday” before realizing that was very wrong…haha)

Peace, Love & Munchies!


6 thoughts on “Patches of Blue

  1. beautiful grape pic! they look frozen, which reminds me how much I loveee frozen grapes…have you had before??

    thanks for coming to my journal even though I am having MUCHO issues with my google reader not updating my posts!!


    • i keep my fridge super cold…like the coldest i can get it without having my water or milk freeze. haha frozen grapes are so good! i might have to go stash some in the freezer. oh, and no prob hun!! i always find my way to your blog, so good!

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