Zucchini Boats

So today ended up being an absolutely gorgeous day. The clouds parted and it was blue skies and sunny for the rest of the afternoon. I spent the earlier part of the day cleaning up my apartment, and reading for the class that I had tonight. For lunch, you guessed it, I had a lovely bowl of yogurt mess – consisting of Vanilla Chobani, honey and sunflower seeds. I also had some Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness — I finally found a large size of the drink I love!!! Yay!! 64 fluid ounces. haha



My entire walk home, I was thinking about dinner. I have been wanting to make zucchini boats for a while now, and tonight…was the night. haha My mom used to make them with bread stuffing which is so delicious, but not as figure friendly as I might like. So tonight, I made zucchini boats with zucchini obviously, and stuffed them with a mixture of brown rice, red chili paste, soy sauce and sesame oil. They were BOMB. haha I loved how crispy the rice got on top, in the oven. Yummy, yummy. haha



While all of that was roasting away in the oven, I sipped on some lovely Tetley Mango Passionfruit Acai Green Tea. A pretty amazing end to a day…in my opinion.


Hope everyone’s doing wonderfully!! Tomorrow is Friday, yayy!!!!

Peace, Love & Munchies!


6 thoughts on “Zucchini Boats

  1. I’ve always wanted to make boats. Love tea as well – drink at least 5 cups a day!! Wish I ate as healthy as you…had veggies and eggs for dinner…but followed by more chocolate and pb and my tummy is aching as usual 😦

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