No Goji For Me!

Ah! I can’t believe it is already October 30th! Halloween is tomorrow! Anyone got any sweet Halloween plans? I might…depends on when things are happening. haha My costume doesn’t exist yet…I figure I can pull something out of my closet. haha It’s definitely feeling spooky in Boston — the grey skies are still lingering…and the homes on my street are starting to get decked out for Trick or Treat-ers.

This morning, I woke up and make myself a quickie latte…which didn’t seems as quick this morning. haha I warmed up both the milk and the coffee in the microwave. I always feel bad using my microwave so early in the morning…I feel like it’s the loudest microwave in existence! *Sorry to my neighbors if it is….* I found that you can turn the sound off, which I did this morning (now, I have to remember to turn it back on…after I post, after I post. haha). I wish you could turn DOWN the volume, as well, and not just mute it.


My cofffe got me through class, and then I stopped by Whole Foods in the hopes of finding some dried goji berries, but no luck. Jocelyn‘s pictures has made me want them like woah!!

Anybody know where I might be able to find them??

I got home from class about a half-hour ago…and immediately went to the fridge and pulled out the Chobani. Today I decided to mix it up a bit, and instead of honey, I mixed my Chobani with sunflower seeds and some creamy peanut butter. I know, I’m really branching out. haha Yum, Yum.



This will definitely hold me over for a while (as I grab as spoonful, while typing…multitasking at its finest…and tastiest!)

Hmm, what’s on the agenda for today — I don’t really know. I might try and get some work done and out of the way…we’ll see. πŸ™‚ Hope everyone had an awesome Friday!

Peace, Love & Munchies.


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