Spooktacular Weekend

Gooood eeeeevening *in dracula voice…* haha How’s everybody doin? I hope well! Happy Weekend and Happy Halloween! haha I have managed to mostly avoid candy, which I’m happy about. The stores were CRAZY today. I wasn’t even in “Halloween” stores and they were ridonculously  busy at like 3:30pm.

I ended up napping for a couple of hours this afternoon – I did NOT sleep well last night. I drank tea too close to bed, and couldn’t sleep — then I had some pretty gnarly dreams. Perhaps its the scary crap on tv, but they were not pretty.

Anyway, this afternoon, I made myself some Trader Joe’s Pomegranate White Tea and had some tabbouleh for lunch. I got it at Whole Foods this morning. I was torn between the tabbouleh and a quinoa salad…but they added sugar to the quinoa salad so I went with the tabbouleh.



I went out in search of some stuff to refill my fridge, and to use up a Borders coupon. I bought some more brown rice, some hummus, some flax seeds and some sunflower seeds. I also picked up “Barefoot in Paris” from Borders. I’ve always wanted the book; the recipes look delicious and the pictures are just gorgeous. Not everyday food, obviously, but special occasions…for sure!



I’m looking forward to adding flax to my meals.

When I got back, I immediately popped some popcorn and whipped out the Sabra that I bought. It smells like an everything bagel, yum. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have bought this flavor normally, but it was literally the last Sabra left. It’s really good though.


For dinner I made my normal soy sauce, brown rice, chili paste, etc. mix, and I mixed in about a cup of baby spinach. Mmm, mmm good. I also made myself some more tea. haha I’ve been a tea freak lately, huh.



Now, I’ve got to go get ready and all that jazz. It’s my one night this weekend to do something, seeing as I work Sunday. haha

TGIF!!! and Happy Halloween!

Peace, Love & Munchies.


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