It's gonna be a late one..

Hey all!! I’m posting early today because I know it’s going to be a late one for me. I’ve got classes and then a group meeting, and I have no idea how long the group meeting will go. I’m guessing it’ll be decently long though.

My day has been pretty good so far (seeing as it’s only 11:30 in the morning). I grabbed my morning coffee at the ‘bucks today, and I ran into a friend of mine so we chatted a bit. Unfortunately, no pics of the glorious red cup! haha

I got home and immediately poured myself a glass of Green Goodness and made myself the usual greek yogurt, flax seeds, sunflower seeds and honey.


I cleaned up the apartment a little, opened up the windows (no, it’s not warm out, it’s just the Sahara in my apartment, haha) and relaxed with a little mindless TV. Yup, yup. haha

I made myself an early lunch; I just have so much to do, and well, just simply, I was hungry. haha I had a “salad”ย  — okay it was spinach and some Laughing Cow with Cranberry Balsamic dressing. I wish I had more raw veggies in my fridge…but alas, nothing. I made due. It is quite yummy. (Currently noshing).



I also made myself a HUGE mug of green tea. Yummm. Can you tell I’m a Sagittarius? haha


Hooray for awesome Christmas Tree Shop purchases (sooo cheap!).

I’m going to relax til about noon, get some stuff done for class, and then pack up everything I need to work on this project. Joooyyy. This weekend will be a busy one in terms of work. I have a ton of end of the semester projects that need to be completed…just not enough time in the day it feels like! Ahh!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope everyone is having a fabulous day so far, and that it stays that way!!

Peace, Love & Munchies!


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