Eat Fresh

Morning all! Well, it’s almost afternoon, now, isn’t it? haha Thankfully the clouds that took up the sky earlier this morning are starting to part, and some sunshine is peaking through — but it’s still waaaay chilly out there!

I stopped by Starbucks and got my morning latte; unfortunately, I think the guy at the register didn’t hear me correctly, and I got a skinny vanilla instead of skinny hazelnut — I told the guy it was no big deal though…one, I didn’t want to be late to class, and two…not that big of a deal to me. However, in hindsight – I wish I had gotten it fixed because I realized (through lacks of sweets in my life) that some things are just “too sweet” for me now. Their sugar free vanilla syrup is one of those things. I drank about half of my drink, but ended up tossing the rest.

Though, not before getting a pic of the glorious red cup. hahahaha


Now some of you may be asking, “Jil, I thought you got an espresso maker. Why are you still buying lattes??” Well, unfortunately, after the first couple of (deliciously successful!) uses the little rubber ring that seals certain parts of my espresso maker — got burned or something. I think I may not have properly cleaned it, . I.E. I didn’t realize the rubber ring came out. The singed rubber makes for some not so tasty espresso (okay, so I never tasted it, but espresso smelled like burned rubber instead of coffee…so I assume it tasted like crap). haha I’m glad I found the source of the smell though – it’s an easy (and cheap) enough fix.ย  So this weekend I’m going to go find another rubber ring…I assume that I can find them at most hardware stores.

Anywho…so I stopped by DeLuca’s Market on Newbury and picked up some Nonfat Fage greek yogurt and some Naked Green Machine. A healthy part of a complete breakfast. haha I ran out of yogurt yesterday and it was a quick fix, and I also just ran out of Green Goodness. The guy who worked there was so nice; I think I was the only person in the store. If you’ve seen any of the recent pics of Katie Holmes when she was out and about in Boston, you’ve seen DeLuca’s. haha It’s just a tiny little grocery/convenience store, but they do good sandwiches and they carry some pretty stellar specialty items, too. ๐Ÿ™‚




I’ve got a busy afternoon ahead of me, but I’m going to get some Subway (Eat Fresh!) for lunch. Yummm Veggie Delight!! haha

TGIF!! Have a great Friday everyone!!

Peace, Love & Munchies!


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