Murphy's Law

Ahhh – I’m updating this from my phone (hope it works!) Today I’ve just been having the worst luck ever… Murphy’s Law in full force. My biggest bit of bad luck? I forgot my laptop charger at my mother’s house! Oh the humanity!! How will I survive?? Haha Well, I will, I guess…. Haha I’ll “rough it” with the schools comps, and see if it will allow me to upload photos? I hope!!!! I have so much to share! Haha If I am MIA I apologize – buuuuuut at the very least I will try to check in, like this, via my phone. Crazy that my little phone’s allowing me to write all this! Hope you all had splendid weekends! And boy, do have have lots to talk about! Haha Peace, Love & Munchies!

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