Reunited and it feels so good!

Ahh, alright — where to start, where to start?? First and foremost — YAYYY! to having my charger back, and BIG thanks to my dad for actually bringing it to Boston for me (is he great or what?!).

Sunday was quite possibly the longest day of my life. Gah. It was my last day at work (although there was quite a bit of confusion surrounding that…which I won’t elaborate on, as really — this isn’t the place to air those types of frustrations). It was a long and BUSY day…but I’m happy to have that weight lifted off of my shoulders — although they are still trying to uh..convince…me to stay through the holiday season, but it just comes down to the fact that …I’ve moved. I need to start my life down here, and really…I haven’t started it yet. Since I have had to work Sundays (which most of the time just involved going to my mom’s house in NH for the weekend because travel, without a car, is just so time consuming), I haven’t had the opportunity to go out, be social and find my niche here. It has almost felt like my apartment has just been this place that I stay during the week.

I still don’t quite think they understand that at work…they keep saying “But isn’t the semester almost over?!” — which it really isn’t — still have an entire month to go. However, after this semester there is another, etc. — and I just can’t take the chance of continuing to get sucked into it. I stayed in August when I really should have left because two people had just quit and they really, really needed me — but I just can’t keep waiting because, really, there is never a good time to give your notice. If I need a job down here…I will hopefully find one…but it needs to be down here; it needs to be where I live. Plus, school is a greater priority. A much greater priority.

Anyway, I had a lovely weekend, overall. I know I updated you a bit about my dinner and whatnot on Friday night. Saturday was a washout…literally…it poured ALL day. But it wasΒ  nice — my mom had a new fridge delivered (so pretty!), we organized it, lit a fire in the fire place, popped some popcorn on the stove, made a BOMB stirfry using some of a frozen dinner and some fresh brown rice, watched HGTV and make cookies! haha I also indulged in a love of mine…Cranberry Gingerale – yumm.

Bubbles.bubbles.bubbles. πŸ™‚

Seriously, these cookies are so good — combo of sugar cookie/shortbread cookie with dried cherries and maraschino cherries!!

Yesterday was an interesting day — I think it was a prime example of exactly how much work takes out of me. I got up, went to class, came back…made myself the usual yogurt mess. And I literally PASSED OUT…I don’t know HOW…I slept until like 5pm?!? What the heck?! Luckily, I had nothing to do, but honestly, that’s just ridiculous. And the sad thing was that last night, I was able to fall asleep by like 11 or so. So it wasn’t like it kept me up. Ridiculous. However, I did manage to make myself a delicious dinner. haha I made the usual brown rice, salsa and Laughing Cow. I added some frozen veggies, and I cut up some delicious grape tomatoes and put them in there as well. Such a fresh flavor. Yummm. I also baked some sweet potato fries.

Today has been more productive (by miles!). My dad, as I mentioned before, brought me my charger along with some homemade jambalaya that he made! So sweet! He’s the best. Seriously, his chili and his jambalaya — soo good. When he and my mom were married I don’t think he was even capable of boiling water.

I made myself another yogurt mess this morning, and read the Trader Joe’s newsletter that I get (the best piece of “junk” mail, I get for sure).

I’m not sure what I am going to eat for lunch — but it’ll be soon. πŸ™‚

Oh! I also got this little bit of promotional mail for a restaurant right around the corner from me called CafeTeria. I just thought this was the cutest advertising!

Anyway, HOORAY for being reconnected. I’ve missed reading all of your blogs!!!

Peace, Love & Munchies.


8 thoughts on “Reunited and it feels so good!

  1. Hi, I’m Nicole, fellow love of RED cups, “easy eating” & healthy living! I’m new to reading your blog and absolutely love it.

    Those cookies sound AMAZING. Do you have a recipe you could share?

    • Aw, thank you!! Those cookies are so good – I don’t have the exact recipe with me, but I do know that it was a modification of Alton Brown’s sugar cookie recipe. The next time I’m home I will definitely get that recipe from my mom!

  2. welcome back girl!

    I haven’t tried cafeteria yet but want to so bad! I hear its great and also great people watching which I will never turn down πŸ˜‰

    those grape tomatoes look delicious and so juicy! what great addition to your rice bowl!

    love the trader joes mail πŸ™‚ I get that too!

    • yay for trader joes mail! haha and thanks! i know it always smells so good when i walk by, and the concept is fun. it’s on my list…my very, very long list…of places i want to try out!! hope you’re doing well, girl!!

  3. Yay for your dad!! Um, can he bring me jambalaya too? πŸ˜› lol!!

    You’re so lucky to have a trader joes!!! I don’t know if we’ll EVER get one up here 😦 One can always hope…

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