Pepper Perfection

Ohhh my, I’m so glad I made that midday post yesterday considering I didn’t get back to my apartment until 10:30pm! Needless to say, I literally collapsed when I walked in the door. I managed to heat up my usual brown rice concoction, and polish off a jar of peanut butter before crawling into bed and CRASHING. Can I just say that I strongly dislike group projects? gahh. Especially group projects that require presentation…blah.

Anyway, today has been much nicer. It was a pretty nice day out there! Even at 7am, it wasn’t ridiculously cold, and it got up to around 60 today. I got a coffee this morning (I still need to replace the rubber part in my espresso machine). It definitely powered me through class — seeings as the classroom was super warm, and I probably would have fallen asleep if it hadn’t been for the coffee. haha

I got home and made myself a bowl of yogurt mess. Yummmm.

When I was almost done my breakfast, I suddenly realized that I needed to grab something from campus to do a homework assignment that I had totally forgotten about. Uhh PANIC. haha I shoveled the rest of my breakfast into my mouth, and booked it to the neared T because I wasn’t taking the chance of the lab being closed if I took the time to walk. haha It worked out though…..yay! haha

I ended up going to Shaw’s on my way home. I’ve wanted to pick up peppers ever since seeing Ashley’s post about stuffed peppers. YUMMMM. I also picked up some cheese sticks, some popcorn and some seltzer water.

Unintentionally, I bought cheese sticks with Spongebob Squarepants characters and trivia on them. haha A surprise, but it’s cute.

I got home and popped myself some popcorn, on the stove, for lunch. A LOT of popcorn. haha

So for dinner tonight — I obviously stole from Ashley and made myself a pepper stuffed with rice, frozen veggies, soy sauce, chili sauce and sesame oil. I snacked on the top of it while it baked.

This is what emerged from my oven about 30 minutes later:


Alright so I’m relaxing for a very short amount of time and then I had to tackle some French homework AND study for a quiz in the AM. Eeeps. I think school is trying to kill me. haha

Hope everyone is doing awesome!!

Peace, Love and Munchies.


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