Wet Feet

Hey everyone! It’s the weekend, yayyyy!! haha Even though mine is filled with course work – I am excited that it is the weekend.

Today started off less than stellar. I had a French quiz (that’s not why it was crummy though), and when I got out from my quiz…it was POURING. I mean…raining cats and dogs. Ridiculous. I brought an umbrella with me because they had predicted rain — I just didn’t realize HOW much. Oy. It got to a point where it didn’t matter if I walked through puddles because I was already soaked.

Case and point:

These are how my shoes (yeh, yeh they’re technically slippers, but they work) looked BEFORE my walk home:

After….yes, I was soaked up to my knees….

I took everything off and got to drying them….not before weighing myself (I was curious, and I’m a dork like that, haha) — the soaked pants made me FOUR pounds heavier. Ridiculous. haha

My coffee made the journey back to my apartment, too. It got pretty soaked as well — luckily I was pretty much done with it. πŸ™‚

I was a bum this morning, and after a breakfast of yogurt mess, I sat on the couch watching HBO all morning. It was grey and gross. I munched on Green Goodness, a cheese stick, popcorn, a pepper & hummus.

It was lovely to be a bum. πŸ™‚ However, about 1 — the skies just cleared and it was not only GORGEOUS out but WARM! I decided that there was no way I was wasting the day, and got up and headed out the door. I attempted to do some pseudo Christmas shopping (aka trying to find ideas), but all I ended up doing was buying myself a 2010 planner and desk calendar. Two worthwhile purchases. πŸ™‚

I love Mary Engelbreit’s stuff.

I ended getting together with my friend, Katharine, and went and found a coat for her, and searched high and low for some rain boots that would fit her, but didn’t find any. She’s tiny. We ended up getting dinner, where I definitely INDULGED. We went to Uno’s Chicago Grill and I got a burger. It was good — but meh…do I regret it?…a little.

I’ve got plans to go out tonight but we’ll see what happens with that. I’m kind of exhausted.

I’ve been up since 5 and well…I honestly feel like a drink would just made me sleepy and not social. haha Plus, drinking is just extra calories (I don’t count calories, but after an Uno’s meal that was undoubtedly horrible for me…I have to admit it is on my mind). By no means are the calories my reason to not go out; the fact that I was up at 5 and up at 6 every other day is the reason. haha I’m just justifying being a loser on a Friday night. haha πŸ˜‰


Peace, Love & Munchies.


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