Campin' Out

Evenin’ folks! I have just gotten back to the apartment after a lovely day spent in the library. haha Oh yes. 🙂 It was truly a nice day out…I just didn’t experience it — I saw it outside of my window near my little desk though!! So yesterday – I indulged too much, and today – I haven’t eaten enough!! It got to be around 4, and I suddenly realized that all I’d had during the day was a Viactiv vitamin, a venti coffee, a small bag of trail mix from the vending machine and a Fresca! Bad news bears!

Me with my coffee — obviously excited to be at the library of a Saturday:

My lovely little pack of trail mix (270 calories worth…haha and considering it was dried fruits and nuts…that’s not a lot).  It had peanuts, banana chips, raisins, sunflower seeds, dried mango and dried dates…and maybe almonds I don’t remember. Oh and sorry the words are backwards — PhotoBooth, baby! haha

I also indulged in a Fresca (at that point there were too many people in the library and it would have been embarassing to be photographing my Fresca bottle with PhotoBooth, haha)…the joys of vending machines. It was refreshing though! I just rarely drink soda.

So as I was leaving the library, I had the realization that I had barely eaten anything! (Especially solid foods? haha) I ran…okay walked briskly…to Whole Foods where I picked up some deliciiious spicy tempura shrimp rolls and a small bar of dark chocolate. Scharffen Berger Mocha Dark Chocolate to be exact. Seriously, it is like my chocolate soulmate.

Unlike M&M’s…this chocolate definitely melts in your mouth AND in your hand. haha I may or may not have licked the chocolate off of my hand after this photo was taken…. *shame* haha

I’m contemplating my next food move now — cuz honestly, that was more like lunch than dinner. haha Hmmm, what to make or get…. 🙂

Hope everyone has had a fabulous day! They lit the tree at Faneuil Hall tonight in Boston! I love the Christmas lights!…preferably the white ones. They are just so beautiful. Newbury Street and the Commonwealth Mall are lined with them…and eventually they’ll turn the ones in the Common on. So excited!!It’s just beautiful.

Peace, Love & Munchies.


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