A sleepy day

Hey everyone! Hope you’re all well! Today has been a very sleepy – -but also productive? haha

Last night I barely got any sleep…maybe 4 hours at most? The people in the apartment above me decided that it was the best idea EVERRRR to move furniture from about 10pm til 2:30ish in the morning? I don’t even know…but it kept me up. This morning, I made the conscious choice to not get a coffee (though, I highly doubt it would have mattered) so that I would be able to nap.

Anyway, this morning – I grabbed a bottle of water and a couple of Odwalla Bars. I was hungry. haha I grabbed the mocha one and the banana nut. I have to say, the mocha one wasn’t really my fave. I’d never had it before — it just..I dunno…it just wasn’t that good. The banana nut is my favorite though.

I got home from class, and started some laundry. Technically, I could probably have waited and done it when I went home for Thanksgiving, but I figured that the house would be crazy enough without my loads of laundry. haha I also made myself a lot of popcorn for lunch. Yumm. I’m so glad I’ve started doing stovetop popcorn. It’s just such a better flavor! I also poured myself a glass of lime seltzer. I don’t know why, but I like to put fizzy drinks in fancier glasses. haha

I finished up my laundry, and just crashed around one. I ended up sleeping until about 4…5. I feel so much better now. I just hope I’ll be able to sleep tonight — someone I think I will, unless anyone else decides to move their furniture. haha

Tonight I made myself some of my rice mess. haha I’ll just call it that from now on…much easier. I added frozen roasted corn and some sliced fresh green pepper. YUM. I also sliced up a sweet potato and made sweet potato fries, and I’m currently finishing off the bottle of seltzer I started earlier (yes, in a fancy glass. hahaha).

I hope everyone’s Monday went well! Gearing up for Thanksgiving here in the States. So excited!! What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish or dessert that is a tradition? In my family, we’ve always had these little turkey shaped sugar cookies with lemon frosting on them (so good)…they originated when we were kids, but seriously, I still love them. I also love my mom’s chocolate pie. My aunt also makes a KILLER ambrosia. Aside from dessert, green bean casserole is always close to my heart and stuffing and gravy…..oh man. haha Okay, I love everything.

I was watching Roseanne on the TVLand channel the other night and it was a Thanksgiving episode. And Jackie said something that I just found poignant. “I hate Thanksgiving!!! You finally get your weight to something you’re comfortable with, and then it’s Thanksgiving…..” haha I’ve been trying to be really good with my eats so that I can eat what I want over Thanksgiving. πŸ™‚

Peace, Love, Munchies.


8 thoughts on “A sleepy day

  1. omg I havent seen rosanne in so long! haha…it used to be on all the time after school, what a show…shes a riot πŸ™‚

    turkey shaped cookies?! I hope they are a cookie cutter lol, that would take a while to get the shape of a turkey!

    happy thanksgiving, love!

    • haha oh yes…definitely a cookie cutter! i can’t imagine trying to do that by hand. haha seriously, i never watched roseanne as a kid (i mean, i don’t watch it religiously now but i do watch it, obv haha), i think i just didn’t get it. happy thanksgiving!!! hope all is well!!

  2. LOVE your blog, so happy I found it! I cook popcorn this way too! it’s the bomb, and actually tastes soooo much better!! hope your having a great week! xo!

  3. Sucks that you didn’t get much sleep 😦 I haven’t been sleeping super well lately either even though I really need it!!

    I LOOOOOOOVE Odwalla bars. LOVE them! But I can’t find them here… 😦 I only got a few last time I was in the States, but clearly, I should’ve bought boxes πŸ˜›

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