Back to normal…

Hey everyone!

Ah, so today was a “reading” day — but for me if was an “attempt to clean/nap half the day” day. haha

Last night, I went to a school event that was held at the State Room on State Street. It was absolutely gorgeous. We were on the 33rd floor overlooking the North End.

(Me (in the black) and a friend!)

Today, I was back to my normal eats! For breakfast (I kind of was lacking), and had a few spoonfuls of Dark Chocolate Dreams.

I did some errands, as well…returned a pair of shoes that I didn’t end up wearing last night (4.5 inch heels…not really for this 5’10”, girl)…$80 back in the bank. haha I also picked up a little Boloco for lunch.

I started to clean, and then hit really hit me, just how exhausted I was…so I napped. FOREVER. haha I literally woke up less than an hour ago — my guess is that I’ll be cleaning late into the night. haha aka…I won’t be able to sleep.

However, for dinner I made myself my usual brown rice mess. Yummm.

I’m sure some more spoonfuls of Dark Chocolate Dreams are in my future…haha….maybe some popcorn, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope everyone is doing splendidly!!

Peace, Love & Munchies.


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