Blog Award!

Okay, so Anais at Through Green Eyes gave me this award a while ago, and I have just been so busy that I didn’t have time to post it and to pass it on! Thank you, girl!! ❤  So without further ado…

The Beautiful Blogger Award!

In accepting it, I’ve got to tell all of you lovelies 7 things about myself…which I find perfect because I think I’m going to do a post pretty soon detailing more about myself…I haven’t really revealed too, too much about life…especially what led me up to to this point!

Enough rambling… 7 things about Jil!

1. I have lived in three different places over the last year and a half:

  • Burlington, Vermont
  • Hampstead, New Hampshire
  • Boston, Massachusetts

2. I used to figure skate…ALL the time…I still miss my “skating legs” — as I used to call them. haha

3. In high school, I was what I like to affectionately call a “theatre/chorus geek.”

4. I am, honestly, not a big wine person, but put a bottle of “Tug Boat Red” by Lucas Vineyards in front of me, and it’ll be gone momentarily. Delicious.

5. I am NOT a morning person…I don’t know HOW I managed to do a semesters worth of 8am classes every day of the week. I did it though. 🙂

6. I’ve always loved writing, but I used to be so shy about letting anyone read what I wrote.

7. When I was little, I used to do my own cooking shows in the kitchen…by myself… hahaha

I’m passing it on to these lovelies:

Jocelyn @ Jocelyn Eats Fresh

Jenna @ Jenna’s Journey

Naomi @ One Fit Foodie

Ashley @ DailyGoods

Maggie @ Say Yes to Salad

Foodie @ Fab and Delicious Food

Lele @ Lele Lurves Plants



7 thoughts on “Blog Award!

  1. thanks for passing it along to me, girl! your the BEST!! I will do this when I return from my vacay 🙂

    hahaah thats too cute that you used to do your own cooking shows! I used to pretend I was cooking real food in my fake fisher price kithen, and give the plastic food to my mom and insisted that she ate it hahaa

    • no probbb! 🙂 jealous you’re on vacayyy! oh yes, i totally would make chocolate chip cookies and talk the whole time “now we’re adding the chocolate chips”… i wanted to be on the food network, before there was a food network. haha :-p i was totally inspired by julia child and by the frugal gourmet, hahaha. oh wow, that was so long ago! ahh love the fisher price kitchen!! i never had one, but one of my friends did…and i was always jealous. :-p

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