…for how long I don’t know…but for now…PICTURES!! haha

I drove down to Boston this wiiiindy, wiiindy morning to pick up a bill that I needed to pay and to pick up my cord…should have thought to bring the charger though (duh)….cuz now my battery warning is flashing and I have no charger. Ahh, let’s see how long it lasts me.

For now at least…PICTURES! haha

These will be sort of a recap of my pre-Christmas/Christmas Eve/Christmas day festivities. haha

Let’s see…where to start?? Hmm, oh yes…well, as I mentioned before my best and I went to the Harry Potter exhibit…this was the only picture I got because they don’t let you take pictures inside the exhibit…BOO. haha

Before Christmas, my momma and I went into baking mode. We made (unpictured) cookies, banana bread and chocolate chess pie. I love my mom’s banana bread…and the fact that she replaces most of the fat in this cake with apple sauce (we don’t completely replace the fat with apple sauce because it, unfortunately, changes the texture of the bread too much).

Annd the chocolate chess pie is just completely unhealthy …it’s an indulgence and you literally cannot eat more than one small piece in a sitting. It is so rich (yet delicious!!). Whipped cream (reduced fat..tastes the same…so it’s a fantabulous swap) is absolutely essential…and aren’t the little snowman paper plates cute??

On Christmas Eve we have a tradition of having over our long-time family friends (a.k.a I’ve known them since in the wombbb). My mom made an amazing meal of roasted pork loin, sweet and regular potatoes, green beans, creamed onions, stuffing, cranberry sauce (yeah, the canned stuff..I just love it no matter how can-shaped it is), spinach, and our friends brought salad with them. Yummm.

This was our spread…not too shabby:

That’s my bro being goofy and our friend Dan, on the left.

A second look at the table…yes, that’s my plate, and I promise there was greenery placed on it literally moments after this photo was taken!! I went with a regular baked potato, too…because — well, I can’t remember the last time I had one..I always have sweet potatoes now. It was quite carbtastic. 🙂

Here’s our lovely (fake) tree on Christmas Eve…we can’t put out presents early because the cat likes wrapping paper and ribbon…waaaaay too much.

Christmas morning, we woke up to this beauty. 🙂 Ahh, my mom’s sour cream coffee cake…we only have it once…maybe twice a year… and Oh.My.God. SO GOOD! I can’t even begin to explain the amazingness of this cake.

I may have had one…or three…slices of this over the course of the morning. haha We also celebrated with a little prosecco that my bro purchased. Nothing says “holiday”  like cake and booze (classy booze) in the morning.

Of course…the traditional — pose in front of the “tree” picture occurred as well.

My brother, Greg, and I. Awkward pose. haha

We also had dinner at my dad’s..but no pics were taken.

Monday was spent iiiinside. Why…Snow.Snow.Snow. It was pretty though!

And this is the freaking EPIC dark chocolate hot cocoa that nursed me back from the brink…okay, so it helped my cold. haha Melodramatic a little. Yum.Yum.Yum.Yum. 🙂

Okay, so in other news…we all know that I frequent a little coffee place called…Starbucks. Well, when I finally went through the mail I picked up from my apartment…check out this little diddy they sent me.

Oh yeah…it’s legit. hahahahah I’m official. It’s even engraved with my name. Baha. I like this system … I wasn’t going to “renew” my “gold card” that had been a gift last year ($25 renewal thanks) if they had kept the program going…but the new program is free, and after 15 “stars” or “points” — or basically…purchases…you get a free drink. Free is good. ALWAYS. haha

In other news…I got back to my regular eats today. Yogurt messes, cheese sticks, and brown rice GALORE! haha I figure you’re familiar with those items, so I will wait until another post to include pics…because well, this is quite the pic laden post isn’t it?? This is what happens when you’re forgetful. haha

Well, if you survived this uber long post, YAY!! haha

I hope you’re all doing well!!! It’s so freaking windy here it’s ridiculous…so I hope if you’re in the NH/MA area that you’re not blowing away!!!

Peace, Love & Munchies.


6 thoughts on “Reconnnnected!

  1. Ok, MUST collect 30 stars and get the gold card!! Had I known this was happening I would’ve used my starbucks card more often (instead of directly using my credit card lol!).

    Glad you had such a wonderful Christmas (with delicious chocolate pie!!)

    • haha I had NO clue this was happening. I mean..I used my black card…and I knew they were changing the program, but I didn’t think I’d get a random card form them. hah. Now every barista in Boston will know who I am! bahhaa

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