Crisis Averted!

Ahh…the blogging gods have NOT been with me lately. haha

So I sit down to write this blog…and I think “oooops left my cord downstairs…”Soo I go downstairs…no cord. ANYWHERE. I loook and loook and loook – I look in every nook, cranny, cushion, pillow, blanket, pile of dirty clothes (my room, you guessed it), crevice ….EVERYWHERE.

I go to my mom, and I’m like “Uhh, did you move a white cord??” (Aside from being the queen of soups, she is also a well-known “stuff-relocator”…and their relocation is not always in the most obvious of spots). Nope. Nadda. Gahhh, at this point…I’m ready to pull my hair out — because after all that time…I FINALLY had my cord back … and it just VANISHED.

I tried calling my bro to see if he had used it at all…no answer. I scour the house again…even bathrooms…cuz who knows…maybe I put it down in some absolutely ridiculous spot! …no, no. So I try my bro again…SUCCESS! He answers. Ask him if he used it..”Uhh, no.” — but then he asks what color it was. White. “Ohhhh…I think that’s in my car.” My thought: How the eff did it end up in YOUR car? (Actually, it wasn’t just a thought, I said it out loud… expletive omitted)

So..MYSTERY. haha I feel very Nancy Drew-esque…or what was that book…OH! Harriet the Spy… I want to know HOW the heck my cord ended up in a car that I don’t own, have not been in, my bro didn’t use…see? MYSTERY!! haha

However, luck was on my side..because my mom managed to dig up a cord from like 1992 that actually fits my camera (why couldn’t she find this 2 weeks ago?? haha wishful thinking)…

Thank you, Mommmmmy.

Let the blogging COMMENCE!

Today (Cord Crisis of 2009, aside) was a pretty run of the mill day. I don’t know..nothing out of the ordinary. I’ve started to think of the “Resolutions” for the upcoming year…I always keep myself in check… has to be realistic.

I mean…what’s the point of a “I will meet and marry [insert male {or female, whatever floats your boat} celebrity] and we will live happily ever after in his{or, again, her} mansion(s),” resolution if it won’t happen…although, it …if it did happen, it’d be nice. haha Even ones like “I will get a boyfriend in 2010″…who knows if I’ll find a boyfriend in 2010…would it be nice? yarrr!!…but that’s not a resolution..I can’t freaking control it. Why set yourself up for failure/disappointment?…Now I’m not saying not to dream…I just like to be realistic!

…oh, sorry..rant. Either way, I’ll be sharing my resolutions soon enough. It doesn’t seem like New Years Eve is almost upon us though…I feel so out of touch. haha

Upward and onward…FOOD!

The day started with some drip coffee with non-fat milk. Yummmy. I also found Pac Man in my coffee…this instantly reminded me of all the shapes that Kath finds in her coffee. 🙂

And yes…I used a “Mom” mug…I think this was one of those magazine drive gifts from when I was in 4th grade…I mean, I obviously saw it and just thought “MOM!!” — what are the chances?

I also enjoyed a yogurt messss. I actually toasted my sunflower seeds today. Getttttin’ fancy.

I did a lot of reading today — it was glorious. I munched on popcorn and Sabra Roasted Red Pepper Hummus while doing so. Multitasking at its finest.

Tonight, it’s just been Mom, me and the dog. I know…excitement. haha Although…I did try out a new salsa in my brown rice mess! Wahoo! I know…you can never tell what I’m gonna do next!

Seriously, this stuff is so damn good. It’s spicy and there’s the underlying sweetness of the pineapple, but every now and then you bit into a nice, big, juicy hunk of pineapple..and mannn, spicy, savory and sweet nevaahh tasted so good! It’s been my only foray into the world of the Desert Pepper Trading Company (apparently part of the El Paso Chile Company)..but if their pineapple salsa is any indication of their others…I’ll be back for more.

My best friend also gave me a wicked nice (yeah, yeah, I’m a New England girl) set of tea for Christmas. Tazo teas! Yummm. I’ve never really been a fan of plain green tea…however, it seems it was just because I was drinking the wrong kind…duh. The China Green Tips is perfect for me. I never have enjoyed the lemongrassy-minty aspect of green teas I’ve had before..but this is right up my alley. Delicate. Perfect with a little honey. 🙂

I’m still working on a cup of it (multiple cups have been consumed).

These little diddies came onto my radar as well…and they didn’t stand a chance.

Yum.Yum. Dark chocolate.

I hope you allllll are well!

Anyone got any killer New Years Eve plans??

Peace, Love & Munchies.


6 thoughts on “Crisis Averted!

  1. I totally used to wish for the new year to bring me a bf 😛 Strangely enough… I didn’t this year! I’m sure that’s a good sign 😉

    Hope 2010 brings you tons of happiness!

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