Snowflakes + BBQ

Hi allll! It’s been a snowy day here in New Hampshire. Yep…I’m still in NH… (though where I live is really not all that far from Boston)…I’m milking the time home with my fam. haha I do miss my apartment, though. The one thing that is hard about being home is FOOD. …bad food. I …mean…extremely delicious food!…but lordy..I feel like a blimp.

Today was a bit better (food-wise)…I had some pizza, a few chocolates, some hot chocolate and some soup…and while the food in and of itself wasn’t that great…portion-wise, it was pretty decent…cuz…you know, now that I think of it…it’s technically not WHAT you eat (although the better you eat the better you feel, in my opinion)…it’s how MUCH you eat — and I think that’s more of my issue than WHAT I eat.

California Pizza Kitchen‘s BBQ Chicken Pizza for lunch (my absolute favorite — though, I wish they carried the thin crust variety around me…):

Hot chocolate was once again a staple. It was snowy..and unfortunately, my stuffy nose/cold has now turned into a rather ugly cough — oh the joys of winter. haha My mom delivered an — in the words of Perez Hilton — AMAZEBALLS soup for dinner. Tons of beans, veggies, and oven roasted turkey. Some parmesan cheese…miiiight have found its way into the equation.

So the snow is still coming down (it started last night) — it’s SOOO windy…so I’ve just lay low all day. It’s probably for the best seeing as I have done something “not good” to my back/hip. I don’t know what. All I know is it’s either the worst knot I’ve ever had or something is out of whack with my left hip. Rest and heat and relaxation have been my mantra, and if it doesn’t improve…doctor’s appointment. Boo. I don’t even know what I did! — I think that’s the frustrating part.

I’ve been glued to a NCIS marathon all day. haha 🙂 I will continue to nurse myself back to 100% with the help of hot chocolate, tea and I will try to remain optimistic about my back. 🙂

By the way, has anyone else been seeing the commercials for the Taco Bell Drive Thru Diet?? Honestly…I think it’s ridiculous…I mean — yes they are much better options than other stuff of the Taco Bell menu or most other fast food restaurants…but it’s still fast food! I think it’s horrible that they are allowed to advertise it in that manner.

I hope everyone is staying warm and safe and enjoying the weeeekend!


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