A quickie… (twss)

Hello Hello!!

Ahh…so my bad luck with blogging continued into yesterday! Suddenly…my computer’s keyboard stopped working! Not only did it stop working, it then would intermittently decide to type “t” or “y” or ” ‘ ” ….forrrrrrever. It would continue even after my laptop had been restarted. Oy. Sooo I made an appointment with my local “Genius” at Apple’s Genius Bar and hoped for the best.

Today, got to my appointment and he told me it could either be fixed for free if it was a hardware problem…buut if not…I would have to pay $755 for a new keyboard replacement!!!!!!! HOLY SHIZ. Needless to say…my heart dropped to my feet…and in my head…I was like “My luck it won’t be hardware and they’ll want me to pay this…” Oy.

Luckily, an hour and 15 minutes later…I had my computer back..fixed and with a new battery — because apparently my battery had been expanding (uhh, what does that mean exactly??) and could have “pinched” some of the wires…causing my keyboard not to work. Best of all…I walked away with a brand new keyboard for ZIPPO!!! 🙂 Thaaaank you Apple Care!!! haha

I have to say…this is really the first big issue I’ve had with my Macbook and it’s a couple of years old. So I’m a happy camper.

Anyway…this’ll be short just because I don’t have many eats to talk about or display. Not only because I don’t have any pictures…but because I didn’t really eat that much. — I know bad.– Not 100% sure why, perhaps because of this nagging cold, I just did not have an appetite today. Coffee, cheese stick, some dill pickle flavored cashews from Target (they were okay), and now some dinner. That pretty much sums it up. Blahh. Oh and tea. Lots of tea.

I’m off to make myself a moderate FEAST for dinner (out of necessity more than hunger)…I hope you are all doing awesome!!!

I promise. A better, pictures-filled, and HEALTHIER post tomorrow. Just not feelin’ food today. I know…I’m just as shocked as you!

7 thoughts on “A quickie… (twss)

    • i know isn’t it awesome! that’s what popped up when i googled “macbook funny” — hoping to find a funny macbook problem cartoon or something. i think it’s just plastic pieces floating in the coffee (or that magic of photoshop haha)…but if someone could seriously do that coffee art…that’d be amazinnnng!

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  2. Oh Man! So glad you did not have to pay an arm and a leg for your comp to be fixed!!! And I so hear you on not being hungry while having a cold .Always happens!

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