Bring on the naners!

Hello lovelies!

Today has been a very low-key day — but a healthier one. 🙂 Not only was food more ..uhh..appealing, but my back has felt better, too! Wahooo! haha I mostly cleaned (rocking out to Gaga, of course), and relaxed.

I made a really exciting discovery in my house today!!

YOGA MAT! and a pretty one at that! This is especially exciting for me…because it means I won’t have to buy one. 🙂 — It was my mom’s (a gift from a friend of hers that owns her own yoga studio)..and she said it was okay if I took it!! Happpy, happy Jil.

I felt like spicing up my morning routine this morning — and though, yarrr, I still had my normal coffee… I shook up my yogurt mess. I did my usual fat free plain greek yogurt and flax – but I added banana and a spoonful of Nutella! 🙂 Yumm. Banana was especially important to me considering when I was researching about my back issues, I found out that a lack of potassium could be a factor in knots.  Bring on the naners!!

I thoroughly enjoyed this yogurt mess…but a part of me just wanted to take bananas and dip them in melted Nutella. ..naughty.

I got a bunch of my laundry done (even when I’m home, I let my laundry pile up like I have to pay by the load — habit..haha), and hung out with my bro. Lunch was a huge mess of popcornstovetop yarrr. Best ever. All it needs is a little sea salt. 🙂 I shared with my bro — but it was a TONNN. haha My tummy was verrrry happy.

I enjoyed some epic Diet Raspberry Ginger Ale by Waist Watchers — it uses Splenda — but it’s yummy.

Dinner was an indulgence: a bean burrito with cheese and salsa (I ate half and then ate the bean filling from the 2nd half), brown rice with black beans, and lots of broccoli. It was delicious. It was nice to sit down for a meal with my family and just chat. It also started to snow a little bit, too. I guess it was just all conducive to a comfy cozy evening in.

The new season of Biggest Loser is premiering tonight! Are you watching?

Have a fabulous evening!


10 thoughts on “Bring on the naners!

  1. hey girl! yummy yogurt mess – it’s nice to change it up eh :)?
    Glad you enjoyed a nice meal with the fam..
    I probably won’t watch biggest loser this season…it seems a tad far away from reality and what is healthy!

    • I agree with you — 100lbs in 2 months for James (when he left the show!) is too much to fast…even Jillian said in a tweet yesterday that her and Bob do sometimes worry about the contestants because they have no control over the challenges…. oy. I will probably still watch though — just because the transformations are absolutely amazing…however I always find myself tuning in towards the end of the season rather than at the beginning.

  2. I love the new layout Jil!! It’s beautiful 😀 And as soon as I have a few minutes I can’t wait to check out the new pages you’ve added!

    Love the yoga mat, it’s gorgeous! Mine is plain… oh well 😉

    Also, I have never thought of putting nutella in oatmeal, but let’s face it: it’s a genius idea!

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