Beer Bread

Ohh, Sunday – Sunday….how quickly you pass by… right?? How are all my lovely blogettes doing this evening?!? (I assume there aren’t any guys out there reading this…if there are…hello as well!!)

Last night – I couldn’t sleep again! ahh. I don’t know what they heck is up with my sleep schedule, but I need to get it back to normal because in a week I’ll have to jump back into my school schedule! I managed to drift off to dreamland thanks to the lovely power of maple and milk. Yumm. I honestly might drink this every night before I go to bed, just for the heck of it, it’s just so yummy.

This morning, I awoke pretty early…but then crawled back into bed so it was a bit of a late morning…but morning nonetheless. I woke up and make my usual pot of coffee, and grabbed a lovely little diddy out of the fridge.


In mid-December, Jenna (of Eat, Live, Run) made a post where she mentioned leaving a grapefruit in the fridge over night with honey drizzled on top (obviously already sliced). Well, my mom just happened to pick up a couple of grapefruits at the store so last night I prepped ‘em, and let ‘em take a nice – chilly – nap.

This morning…unwrapped the fruity goodness…and OH MY. Delicious. Why has this not been in my life?! I remember having grapefruit as a child, and vividly remember the tart/bitterness that I usually associate with grapefruit. The honey (and not a whole lot of it, at that) worked miracles, and this was wonderful. After devouring the fruit I squeezed it to make sure I got every bit of juice. Yay for revisiting/rediscovering foods!

A little bit later, I was still hungry so I devoured a banana with a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter.

This afternoon, I sat around with my mom and my dog and watched the (embarrassing) Patriot’s game (they played horrendously & got freaking STOMPED by the Ravens). We noshed on popcorn, and I made us both tea (Tazo’s “Awake” for her, and Tazo’s “China Green Tips” for me).

I also noshed on a cheese stick and on a …few… slices of my mom’s homemade beer bread. Naughty. – made with Sam Adam’s Winter Lager.

For dinner we had this awesome “stew” that my mom cooks up. It’s chicken in a mustard and tarragon sauce with white kidney beans. It’s also stewed with onions and I put it on a bed of baby spinach.

Oh! and my mom got me this little sucker today – it’s for all of my quarters for laundry – so that they’re not just floating around my apartment. haha It’s cute. 🙂 A Pigzebra. haaha.

Bah, tomorrow is Monday –  weekends always fly by (even extended ones, like mine). I hope everyone is doing great!!

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