Pick-cha Post

Hola mia amigas!

I hope everyone is doing splendidly and that you survived Monday!! Today was a busy, busy day and included lots and lots of food…SO in the interest of time…this post will be HEAVY on the pics and light on the gab….okay – so I can’t just NOT talk…so yeah, it’ll just be lighter on my gab. πŸ™‚

Breakfast — the usuaaal. Coffee + another overnight grapefruit with honey! I found a grapefruit knife…made my life waaaay easier.

I’m proud to say that I’m now fitting into the smallest shirts that I have since high school — worrrrrd! (Excuse the funny face & blurry pic)

I also then captured myself in this flattering pose — I don’t know what I was doing…I think stretching my jeans out — but whooo knows. Either way, I thought it was time to post of photo of myself being a weirdo on the blog. hahaha (Excuse the heinous carpet — it’s gonna be ripped up soon! yay hardwood!)

I also find this funny because the camera’s settings/the off light made my arm look like a rubber band and almost non-existant. I swear I have elbows! My arms look very Olive Oil-like.


Movin’ on…

My bro and I hit the road for Boston early — lots of errands to get done, though its not quite time for us to leave the comfy nest and go back to our (sometimes) hectic city lives.

While in the city, we stopped at Cafe Jaffa for lunch. I got the Falafel and Hummus Combo plate which comes with a side salad (I chose Greek…Mediterranean place..I think Greek salad is the best choice – plus they pile it high with feta..NOM). My bro had the Falafel plate.



After stuffing ourselves…we both walked away with very happy bellies.

The rest of the afternoon was spent avoiding hitting pedestrians as I drove through Central Square in Cambridge and then hitting up the good ole Tar-jaaaay (Target for those unfamiliar with my accent hahaha).

I bought a bunch of goodies at Tarjayy including this goodies:

For dins we had my mom’s AWESOME BBQ turkey meatloaf. This thing blows any horrid memories of meatloaves out of the water. So moist and delish.

Oh yes, and there were green beans, too.

Right now, I’m just chillin’ watching Tony Bourdain tour Mexico. I’m also watchin’ my bro slave away in the kitchen over a carrot and ginger soup that will be part of a meal he is making for my dad and his wife as their Christmas present. It involves fresh ginger, reduced fat coconut milk – and yeah, carrots…and it smells divinne! I cannot wait til it is blended up. I’m sure it’ll just be superb. My bro is quite the cook.

The beginnings of soup:

Ta-ta for now lovelies!!


8 thoughts on “Pick-cha Post

    • i think it’s impossible for me to go into a target and not come out with somethin! πŸ™‚ and yesss cafe jaffa is amaaazing! i love their greek salad — it’s pretty much the only time I ever get creamy salad dressing…just cuz its sooo worth it!

  1. Congrats about fitting in your shirts!!! I had a moment like that when I fit into a SMALL at a french store… there must’ve been something wrong with the shirt or the fit but it was exciting anyways πŸ˜›

    I LOVE falafel, I’m going to be making some soon!

    • haha thanks! oh pshh, there was totally nothing wrong with the shirt you tried on – you look fantabulous girl! i love those little moments — its just like “wheeee!” haha and yes, i only recently discovered the amazingness of falafel — i want to figure out a way to make them equally as crispy but bake instead of fry!

  2. Falfalel balls and hummus plate with salad look so good! I have actually never had falfalel balls bit the next chance I can haw them I defs wanna try them since they have received such great reviews and everyone in the blog world seems to love them!

  3. haha i love your ‘weird pose’…. that’s so something i would do too! ever since you posted about that grapefruit with honey the other day, i’ve been dying to try it! as soon as i can, i’m going to buy one and make one for myself! oh and that falafel looks amazing! def one of my favorite greek foods!

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