Back in the Bean

Ahh, it feels really good to be back in my apartment — the comforts of home were amazing…but it also made my appreciate my little slice of … solitude?…haha

It’s been a really busy day, though. I really didn’t get much sleep last night. I tossed and turned and coughed and it wasn’t pretty — it got to be 5:15am and I decided I might as well get up. I started getting together some stuff in my room in preparation of coming back, and before you know it I was feelin a little pooped. I crawled back into bed and drifted off to la la land. …for about 4 hours. 10am, I was up (I set my alarm so that I wouldn’t sleep through the whole day…I probably would have).

I had my usual coffee (less milk though cuz it was the last of the gallon…shocker…I use so much milk. haha), and the last grapefruit that I had stored in the fridge overnight with a squeeze of honey on each half. This one wasn’t as sweet because, as you’ll see in the picture, it must’ve tipped in the fridge and most of the honey ended up in the bottom of the bowl and not soaked into my fruit — however, it was still delicious. I made sure to squeeze out all the extra juice after eating the pulp. So refreshing.

My day was very, very busy. It consisted of packing, packing and more packing (aka when the hell did I accumulate so much stuff??) and some last minute errands while I was in NH (tax-freeeee, baby!!). Target was my main focus — and I got everything I was looking for sans a beginners yoga DVD..I couldn’t find any sort of fitness section. Boo. But I got new undies (obvs important), socks, popcorn kernels and computer paper. Most random shopping list ever?

I know I’ve asked this before, but anyone have any recommendations for a great beginners yoga DVD?

When I got home, around 3…I realize that not only was I dragging (majorly) from lack of sleep…but I hadn’t eaten since my grapefruit. I immediately downed 2 cheesesticks — but I wasn’t particularly hungry due to a headache (undoubtedly due to sleepย deprivation). I had two bowls of the broth, with a few veggies, of a soup my mom was making, later on…they warmed me up and made me feel better.

I am now unpacking in my apartment…it’ll never end. haha I don’t have much food (I’m so hungry) so I may go out and get something later…but I’ll make due for now. I hate to say it…but today…SLEEP will come before food. I’m just exhausted. I know I can compensate with food tomorrow — but my bed is sooo calling my name — as I type this.

One joyous thing did greet me at my apartment:

I freaking LOVVVVE Dark Chocolate Dreams.

I scooped myself up the biggest spoonful — and that has powered me through posting. haha

I think I’ll do a bit more unpacking and perhaps heat up some frozen veggies that are lingering in my freezer. ๐Ÿ™‚

Better eats tomorrow – I promise!!!

I hope you are all doing well — almost Friday!! Woohoo!

8 thoughts on “Back in the Bean

  1. when you are exhausted..sleep does come before food! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you got caught up on your sleep.
    That spoonful of dark chocolate dreams looks to dieeee for.
    Also I enjoy doing the beginner yoga classes on ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. How do you limit yourself to only one spoonful? That is pure will power. I am so addicted to the stuff I always end up eating five times what I tell myself I will. Yummmm.

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