Coups & Soups

Evening everyone!! Happpy Friday! 🙂 Well…at this point — HAPPY WEEKEND!

Today was a productive day. I was up verrrry early because I fell asleep extremely early last night. I think I fell asleep around 8:45 or 9 — which meant..BING at 4:15 I was wide awake. I made myself stay in bed until 5:30 because I was hoping I would fall back asleep.

I got up, and before anything — tuned into my OnDemand and did about 25 minutes of yoga. It was glorious.

After that I cleaned up (aka took a looong shower) and made myself some tea. I checked up on some e-mail and blogs that I had missed falling asleep so early, and just relaxed on the couch for a while.

I put together a list of everything I needed to get done today — and thought about the best possible way to get all of those things done with the least amount of travel. haha I needed to pick up a book at the bookstore, go grocery shopping at more than one grocery store (love Trader Joe’s but there’s always a few things that they just don’t have), etc. etc. etc.

I got a move on around 10-ish (I relaxed for a while, k?? hahaha), and made a quick stop into my fave haunt – Starbucks – and got myself a venti Skinny Hazelnut Latte (you know how I do)…I got it free with a coup they sent me. Woohooo for a coup and no drink size limit!! I first went to the bookstore to pick up the very last textbook that I needed. It was an ordeal and they couldn’t find it at first — but I have it now…I have TOO many books this semester — oyyy.

I felt no shame taking this picture while waiting for the T — there are many people doing weirder things that taking pictures of their coffee. haha

Anyway, while at the store – I decided to make a trip into Whole Foods — seeing as it was riiiight there. 🙂 I perused the aisles, and stumbled on some Cinnamon Raisin Swirl by Peanut Butter & Co. (I was looking for Mighty Maple..but I can’t find it anyyyywhere!). I haven’t tried that flavor before, and it was on “special” — so it was cheappoo. I said, “Why not?!” I also picked up some split peas and some sushi to soothe my hungry tummy.

I haven’t tried it yet – hope it’s good.

The wasabi I added post paparazzi attack was a good solution to the sinus issues I’ve been having. haha

After noshing on the delish sushi, I headed to Trader Joe’s – where as always – bargain mania. They had rearranged the store since the last time I was there so I must’ve looked like a lost puppy wandering around. haha I came away with a damn good haul or fruits, veggies, milk, flax, uhh…what else did I get? haha Either way — my fridge now has food in it where as before — it had a Brita, champagne, Smart Balance and that’s it. haha

A full fridge is a happy fridge — okay so it’s not all that full…but I am only one girl! haha And a lot of my stuff doesn’t need to live in the fridge. 🙂

This evening I set to work making split pea soup. Nom. It came out pretty good — I didn’t want to add bacon or ham so I subbed in some curry powder for a smokier taste. Yum. I also added spinach — nutritious and it makes it look a heck of a lot more appetizing. haha Dollop of Fage for fun.

I’ll be eating this fooo-eva. It made so much. haha

I hope everyone survived their week and has some fun planned for the weekend!!


10 thoughts on “Coups & Soups

    • oh yess, brown rice! and seriously, I love TJ’s so much — in my store you sometimes have to dig to find produce that isn’t a little banged up but the digging is worth the cheapo prices!

  1. I agree, I wish my fridge was this clean!!! Also, I wish I had that PB and the greek yogurt 😛

    That split pea soup looks AMAZING!!! I never think of making it though for some reason!

    • It’s already messier…hahaha! 🙂 PB is easily my fave thing in the whole wide world — even more so now that they make it with such amaazing flavors. And thanks! the soup has definitely improved after a night in the fridge!

    • Aww, I hadn’t seen it before..really anywhere so when I saw it at Whole Food’s I scoooped it up (it helped that it was about $1 cheaper than I’d ever seen it before, too!)

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