A Wintery Mess

Evening my loves! I hope you are all well — and that the weather is less crummy where you are than it is here!!

Ick.. haha. I awoke to the sounds of plows and shoveling — but I don’t really mind that considering I’d rather be woken up by someone doing the shoveling than actually having to do the shoveling myself. haha I crawled out of bed and made myself another hazelnut latte. This one was easy because my espresso maker makes more than enough espresso for my needs and one drink – so I always pour the rest into another glass ..stash in the fridge and nuke it the next day (or I could use it cold for iced…but I haven’t done that yet).

After some perusing of the Internet and checking of e-mail, I decided that it was time for breakfast. I decided to chop up a lovely organic banana (courtesy of Trader Joe’s) and 2 tablespoons of the cinnamon raisin swirl peanut butter by PB & Co. What a great combo. I like that the CRS is less thick than a lot of other peanut butters — so it went well with the banana.

I ate this while doing the essentials — you know…like going on Twitter.

I briefly went out during the afternoon to get some more essentials – and search for a grapefruit spoon or knife. No luck with the grapefruit utensils …but I did pick up some stuff that’ll eventually be good eats…once I tear into them. haha

When I got back, I was cold, wet and so ready for lunch. I made myself a cup of tea, and proceeded to heat up some of the split pea soup (told you I had a ton! haha). I have gone through exactly half of it…so by next week, it’ll be dunzo. haha

As you can tell, my new “spot” for picture take is at my desk. haha

I had picked up some fresh parsley on my journey that afternoon — why not, right? so I topped off my split pea soup with some…nice color and tasty!

Later I snacked on a little of this good stuff (Dark Choc. Dreams):

I hung out inside for the rest of the day — it was just nastayy out. At around 6 someone’s fire alarm went off, so I kind of just stood in my doorway seeing what the heck was going on — the whole building one wasn’t going off…but their alarm went off for  a LOOONG time. Once I was sure I could safely make dinner…I did. haha

Brown rice mess — oh, how I’ve missed you! It’s been a while, right? It’s seriously so simple, but it’s so good — and you can always spicy it up with other ingredients.

This is really the simplest version of it — a lot of the time I add frozen veggies to it.

First, nuke (or prepare…I just happened to have a ton of precooked brown rice on hand) brown rice. I usually use approximately 1 cup.

2nd: Add the salsa of your choice. Tonight — I chose Pineapple Salsa. Yumm. — I’m never sure on the exact amounts of this…it depends on your salsa and your tastes, I just see what I think looks good – and if I want more I’ll add it later. Nuke again for about 30 – 45 sec.

3nd: Add a wedge of your fave flavor of Laughing Cow — I just usually use LC Lite Original flavor. Nuke again for about 45 sec. (I microwave them in stages just so I don’t have a salsa explosion in my microwave..messssy).

Voila! Mix and enjoy (I added parsley just for the hell of it)

I”m just going to relax and maybe do some yoga later. Lots of love!!


12 thoughts on “A Wintery Mess

  1. this post couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! i just moved into my dorm and i have miscellaneous food that i brought from home and i happen to have instant brown rice, lite laughin cow and a jar of salsa! haha – dinner tomorrow 😉

    love your spoons of PB – i sneak many every day lol

  2. that brown rice looks so good! i really want to make my own… also the cinnamon raisin peanut butter sounds amazing! where did you get it?

    • I got it at Whole Foods (it was on sale, wahoo!), but I know they sell PB&Co in regular grocery stores, too. I know in mine they put it in the organics section rather than the regular PB section.

  3. mmmm spoonful of dcdddd…

    It’s nasty out here as well
    And I think I have recived your cold (yep through the internet)
    I’m inhaling tea like you would not believe!
    Are you all better?

    • Aww, haha, it brings a whole new meaning to Internet virus!! (ba-dum-chhh…I crack myself up)…I hope you feel better sooon!! I am feeling much better — not 100% but miles away from where I was a couple of days ago!

  4. I made it for lunch!!! DeLICIOUS! Although mine was not as visually appealing as yours for some reason… Thanks so much for the recipe, I have a feeling I’ll be making it again… and again 😉

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