Off Day

Hola my beauties. I hope you all are doing well!!

Today, though no classes are on the schedule, I made my way up to campus to see if I could get a locker so that I wouldn’t kill my back carrying around 50 pounds of ridiculousness everyday. Yep — my school does lockers…how very high school, no? haha It’s rather hilarious…however, I think it will save my back this semester.

That done I made my way home, and finished up the latte that I had made and started earlier in the morning. It was really nice out today — blue skies and all (2 days in a row! w00t!!) \ — but chilly soo the toasty drink definitely hit the spot.

I think today was sort of an off day for me. I am feeling 99.5% better — though I still need a swig of DayQuil to get me through the day – but I think after a day of lugging heavy books and trudging the hills of Boston — my bod was like NO. NoNoNo. I wasn’t hungry for breakfast, and I wasn’t really hungry for meals…but I WAS hungry. I had a bunch of unpictured cheese sticks and this banana before noon.

I even had a couple of BIG spoonfuls of Dark Chocolate Dreams. I was still super hungry though…but for something CRUNCHY and not like popcorn crunchy…REALLY crunchy. I found the (naughty) answer in my freezer.

BISCOTTI…frozen at that. …I had three. haha (at 110 calories a pop though, that’s not too terrible [read: could have been worse])

That did it though…I drifted off into a mid-afternoon nap…which I woke up from because of phone calls and because I was suddenly hot as hell. Go figs. I think my body just doesn’t like me. I’m glad I napped though..I feel much more “me’ now.

Probably due to my mid-afternoon biscotti-fest, I wasn’t all that hungry for dinner, but I knew I should eat something or I’d end up eating like another 5 million (okay…exaggeration) cookies or an entire tub of DCD later. ๐Ÿ™‚ So I decided ..broth. Broth with corn? Broth with corn and red pepper flakes? Sure! It’s actually pretty yummy…so I”m not complaining. I’m eating it right out of the measuring cup. haha

In action…because let’s be honest…no amount of trickery is going to make corn floating in brown liquid look appetizing. haha

I’ve got some more work to get done and then its an early bedtime for me…bright and early classes. JOYOUS!

Almost TGIF though — Woohoo!

Anyone have awesome weekend plans??


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