Back in the Saddle

Good morning!! I cannot believe its Sunday already AND that I did not really post yet this weekend…*sigh* haha

I hope you all have had a splendid weekend!! My weekend was pretty good, low-key, but good — even with a dentist appointment in there. haha

I’ll kinda do a wrap up of what’s been going on for the past couple of days (which feel like eternity in blog-time, right?)  Friday was a VERY busy day — I trekked all the way to school with ALL of my books (two whole bags worth, joy)…and I put them all in…my LOCKER. YES! A locker…in college. Who woulda thought. haha It feels SO high school, but it’s a life saver. I’m glad my school does it (considering how many kid’s commute its a good idea). I didn’t even have a locker in high school (eons ago)…I think the last time I actually remember using a locker was in 5th and 6th grade…and it might have been plastered with photos of Leo DiCaprio (Titanic, obvssss) and Hansen. hahahahaha


All joking aside, this locker really will save my ass this semester — or should I say…it’ll save my back.

It was a hectic day which included hopping the train home for my appointment yesterday. While I waited for the train a random middle-aged woman decided to talk to me about how she likes how I do my eyeliner and asked me to instruct her on how to do it…. yah…yayy cities! haha 🙂 I honestly don’t think she was a weirdo…though it was a weird topic of conversation to have with someone you’ve never met or spoken to previously…I think she was just very interested in how I do my eyeliner. ha She continued to talked about galoshes and how she wears them in the garden but doesn’t get how people where them to walk around the city…her thoughts…they’re feet must be cold! My thoughts: I guess you’d rather have cold dry feet than cold wet feet.

Moooving on. Yesterday, I was up bright and early for my dentist appointment (*dread) — it went well actually, my hygienist was so nice (some of the ladies there can be quite mean about flossing deficiencies….haha). I walked away unscathed and happy camper with a new toothbrush, floss, toothpaste and a 2010 planner. haha What? Everyone’s dentist doesn’t hand out planners?? :-p

Breakfast was….A YOGURT MESS! SHOCK! I know it’s been a while. 🙂 Chobani, honey, flax, and sunflower seeds. Nom, Nom, Nom.

In the afternoon, I enjoyed a couple of bowls of popcorn and an apple with PB! Woopwoop! 🙂

Dinner was baked green (and this time lost of other colors, too) rice. I told my mom that we should use up whatever veggies were gonna go back…so we ended up with the obvious spinach, carrots, onion, eggplant, and tomatoes … I don’t think there was anything else? Maybe? haha Either way…it was freaaaaaking delicious!!! I need to make this at my apartment ASAP.

After dinner, I totally intended on blogging…but I got sucked into the SAG Awards preshow annnnd the SAG Award’s themselves. As a former musical theatre geek…lemme just say…GLEE!!!!!! YAY! haha I’m so happy. Plus, the dress that Lea Michele wore was gorrrg (she was too, obviously)…I especially loved the color.

Anyway — hope you lovelies have had a wonderful weekend…that was mine in nutshell!! 🙂


14 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle

  1. a locker?! haha thats so funny! thats awesome tho!! it would be super convenient!! your yogurt mess looks baller-ive never actually PUT honey in my greek yogurt! yum!

    • haha oh yes, a locker. its sooo very high school…but so worth it. My books probably weight about 50 pounds combined this semester..and considering I have them all on the same day…woo it’s a major help. and seriously puttin’ honey in the greek yog is the best. juust enough sweetness.

    • I know! Isn’t it! I mean it doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous, too — but the color of that dress is just stunning! And yes! I do have a recipe — it’s a rather loose recipe, as I kind of jazz it up with all sorts of stuff (but that’s the fun part, I guess 🙂 ) The recipe is located: HERE

  2. Sounds like a fun day! Thats cute that an old lady asked you about eyeliner hehe. You musta looked fab!
    Glad that the dentist went well. I don’t like dentists 😦 (my boyfriends dad is a dentist! LOL)

    p.s I still love Hanson. THey make GREAT music and they are all married with babies now 😉

    • haha i hope so! and thanks, i know i haaaaaate the dentist, and my grandfather was a dentist. seriously, hanson makes awesome music! this fall they were in boston and did a walk around boston barefoot to fight poverty (and played the house of blues haha)

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