It's what's on the inside that counts…

Evening my lovelies! Hope you are all doin’ well! It is a wet..wet..wet..wet..WET day in Boston. Luckily, I was armed with an umbrella and my hair was kind and didn’t get all frizzy and nasty. So it was a good day. haha

I had the first day of my French class today — and gahh, I hate the fact that I have classes back to back cuz it means I have to sit towards the back of the room, and honestly, I hate sitting so far back..I just feel disconnected. Plus, I think I my brain was totally awesome and forgot every single thing that I learned last semester…oy. *hitting the books*

I had “good” luck today at Starbucks. They made my drink wrong (they always make a skinny vanilla instead of hazelnut… c’monnnn – people can order a “ in gold” and they get it right — but “skinny.hazelnut.latte.” is too much…okay done griping), so I got 2 tall lattes for the price of one. Score! It’s not that I don’t *like* vanilla…it’s just that most of the time they make them reallllly sweet. Lucky for me, this vanilla one wasn’t…so I downed a tall skinny hazelnut and a tall skinny vanilla in about an hour. haha Needless to say I was READY!! for my last class of the day!!

I hadn’t eaten all day (just 2 lattes in the belly)…so my stomach was pretty much eating itself by the time I got home. I skeptically chose a banana that looked a little past its… They always say ‘never judge a book by its cover’ …never judge a banana…oh you get it. The banana was perfect, and so yummy. Nom.Nom.Nom.

As delicious as it was…more food was necessary…in came a lovely string cheese. Love these puppies. Playing with your food is just … fun.

For lunch, I made myself a ginormous bowl of split pea soup (avec parsley).

With that bowl, I hit a huggghh jasssss milestone. I finished the soup. Wooo! haha I can’t believe I finished it before it went bad. How long did that take me? A week and a half, maybe? haha


I mostly vegged all afteroon — the disgusting weather (though it was wicked warm! 52!) was NOT motivating. So I accomplished….nadda. Okay that’s a lie…I looked at blogs, commented…Facebooked…Twittered. haha :-p

Dinnnaah…I felt inspired to break out my wok…love that thing! (Yay IKEA!) So I sauteed up some brown rice, corn, mixed veggie medley, soy sauce and chili paste. THIS.WAS.BOMB. So delish.

Now, I should probably get some work done. Booo. I’m so over school…not a good thing when we’re only a week into the semester…haha I just wanna play!! …obvs not realistic…so I’ll be burying my nose in books soon enough. Perhaps rewarding myself every now and then with some Dark Chocolate Dreams every now and then…mwahaha.

I hope you all are doing wonderfully, and had a good start to the week. One down…four to go! haha


8 thoughts on “It's what's on the inside that counts…

    • the stuff I have is pretty strong..i used probably less than a teaspoon in the rice, and i like spicy. the nice thing though is that it’s not just heat, it’s got a really nice flavor too…i just picked mine up in the japanese/chinese section of the grocery store

    • haha seriously. no excuses! where do you find your mighty maple? i have looked for it everyyywhere…no luck. i’m considering ordering it online just cuz i really want it. haha

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