Evening lovelies. How’d everyone’s Tuesday go?? Mine has been pretty busy, considering I didn’t have any classes.

One nice thing…got to sleep in. Miracle. Especially considering they are doing construction in my apartment building right now. I think they might be the quietest, most considerate construction men, everrrrr. I’ve barely heard them…and they definitely did not wake me up. Thumbs up to them. *knock on wood that is stays that way*

Once I was up…decided it was latte time. I broke out my fave little guy:

I made myself a pot of espresso and assembled a latte. Yumm.

So I sipped on that while I got ready for the day. Perhaps the surge of caffeine is what I can blame this picture on:

I honestly...don't.even.know.

Also, welcome to my bathroom. hahaha

I was out and about doing some errands for a while…had to get to Kinkos/FedEx Office (the store says that it’s now FedEx Office, but still has the huge FedEx Kinkos sign on it…). It was seriously gorrrgeous out. Especially considering yesterday, it was awesome. So I faxed my little heart out and almost witnessed a brawl as the two women behind me fought over who was next in line…yah. Calm down peoples.

I also stopped by the grocery store and picked some more DCD…I’m addicted and officially have “stocked’ pb in my apartment. haha I also picked up some lunch….sushiii.

It looks pretty, but it was just alright…doesn’t compare to the sushi at Whole Food’s. There was too much cucumber…it made them almost watery tasting. …needless to say I ate it though.

Still hungry, I noshed on my last twisty string cheese.

Later, I got impatient while waiting for dinner to be ready and had a couple spoons worth of CRS…dangerous.


Dinner though was lovely combo of sweet potato fries (also known as cheetahs to some) and some spicy spinach. Actually..I ate the whole box of spinach…hahahaha.

Ahh, so I’ve got a hugggh jasss amount of work to do tonight…I’ve been doing it all day — and I can at least say that everything I need to do for tomorrow is done — but I sitll have a ton to do for Friday. I had wanted to go to this movie night at my school tonight (which is 1/2 over by now anyway), but I just had too much work to do. They were showing Couples Retreat and I love Vince Vaughn…boo, wish I could have gone.

Oh well. Time for me to work my booty off — for a whole 10 more minutes and then inevitably get sucked into Biggest Loser (or at the very least the last 10 minutes of BL).

I just want to hug Bob. Anyone else? haha

Have a great night loves!!


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