Snow + Sabra

Hello, hello lovelies! How was your Thurs? Mine has absolutely flowwwn by.

This morning was glorious — got to sleep in a little (yay!) and then made myself a big ol’ latte.

I lounged for a bit, and then decided it’d be a good idea to get some errands in before it really started snowing! It literally started snowing the moment I walked out the front door — so I ran to CVS for some essentials and then to TJ’s where I picked up milk (my reason for the errand) and some of their meatless meatballs (a perk to the original errand haha).

Got home — and was hungry so I had a cheese stick (and I had another one later, too) and then I sat down with an apple to delve into 40 pages of reading that I probably should have started waaaay earlier in the week. haha

I totally dove right into my apple and then thought: PICTURE!

Hence…this photo:

I settled in and read and took notes for a few hours — and then…hungerrrr. Popcorn and Sabra fit the bill.

I settled back into my reading and note taking…but I did have time to snap a picture of the snow falling:

For dinner, I had to have a repeat of last night — I’d literally been thinking about it all day, as lame as that sounds. However this time I switched up ingredients a little and tried some new stuff…this one included the same cashews, corn, parsley (the last of my bunch), brown rice, soy sauce , sriracha and spicy peppers — but I also added a little bit of pineapple salsa and 2 meatless balls.ย haha

Some of the gang:

Finished product:

So right now, as I type this I’m watching the beginning of a repeat of “The Office” and I’ll be finishing up my reading — hopefully soon! and then I have a few more things to do before hittin’ the hay.

As usual…some Peanut Butter and Co. product will find its way to my mouth tonight. …probbbz some Dark Chocolate Dreams.

Hope all you lovelies are doing well! Alllllmost Friday!!


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