Thank you! & cupcakes!

Heyyy lovelies!!!

I just want to first thank you guys for all the nice comments, in regard to the passing of my pup. Unfortunately she suffered a stroke last week (unknown to us), and it wasn’t until this weekend that she started showing signs of struggling. We made the tough decision to let her go, and as much as I would have loved to have her around for much longer – it would have been so selfish to keep her here just so we wouldn’t feel sad. I’m sure she she’s romping and playing in puppy heaven somewhere. πŸ™‚

Last night, I got out and went to the Bruin’s game at the Garden with my brother and a few friends. They lost (which they’ve become VERY good at…) — however, the game went into sudden death so it was a pretty exciting game. It was a great night out, and just what the doctor ordered.

This morning – I slept in…I had exhausted myself out of sadness I think..those first few hours were really tough…but I awoke feeling much better, and set out to making myself a latte. I even got out the whisk and made foam! haha Hardcore, right here.

Lunch was a few meatless balls topped with a little bit of sriracha…yum! I also had a few spoonfuls of Cinnamon Raisin Swirl and a couple of cheese sticks.

My day consisted of lazing around and doing homework — so it was fairly productive but stress free. πŸ™‚

I didn’t feel like cooking for dinner — so I ran out to TJ’s and picked up a turkey, spinach, and swiss wrap. It’s really good (I’m currently noshing on it). It was ridiculously busy at TJ’s…and it was filled with people who don’t know the “route”…like they made everyone’s lives difficult by shopping in the wrong direction. C’est la vie. I got my wrap, some frozen veggies and peeeeeaced.

On my walk home, I decided that I needed to treat myself. I walked myself right into Sweet and picked up a Macaroon cupcake. I have yet to eat the beautiful little treat…Β butΒ I have absolutely no doubt that it will be BOMMB. This is how they describe the cupcake: “vanilla bean Sweet cake with coconut baked in for a crisp macaroon cookie-like top, dipped in our own Callebaut chocolate ganache” — eee — so excited!

I’ve got all the work I need to do for tomorrow done — so I’m snuggling up and watching The Grammys Red Carpet on E! and then later obvs watching the awards show. Lady Gaga has already won two!! and she’s opening the show…so excited! haha

I hope you all had fabbbb weekends! πŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “Thank you! & cupcakes!

  1. aww girl i am so sorry about your puppy 😦 you are awesome tho, so positive!!
    have fun watching the grammys!! I DIDNT KNOW THAT ABOUT LADY GAGA!! YESS!

    • haha yeah, my trader joe’s is so small that there is pretty much a route that you should take around it — especially when there’s a really long line at the register…people just ignored it and pushed through the line and stuff. gotta love the general public sometimes. haha and thanks lovey! ❀

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