Doctorin' it up

Hello, hello lovelies! How was your Monday?? Hope you survived, and it wasn’t too awful. 🙂

If your day was less than stellar…then IIIII suggest heading over to SnackFace and reading her kick booty blog and wishing her a HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!! aaaand enter the awesome giveaway she’s having!!

Today …it was REALLY hard for me to get out of bed. I so just wanted to say “screwww it” and roll over under the covers and forget about class — alas the good student in me got me up and dressed and out the door on time…but I did stay in bed longer than usual (what a rebel).

In my putting off of actually having to get out of bed, I eliminated my window of opportunity for making myself coffee…so I stopped at the ‘bucks on my way to school and got a Venti ’cause I freaking NEEDED it this morning. I trudged my way up the hill, and went to my locker (I feel so …dumb…saying that haha) — where I snapped a shot of my latte and loaded up on my million pounds (okay, today it was 20) of books.

When lunch time rolled around (and I actually had a break), I made a run for Whole Foods where I made myself an ecclectic salad consisting of spinach, BBQ tempeh, beet salad, some form of spicy bean and tabouli. Oh and I doused with a little red wine vinegar and oil. Overall, enjoyable. I liked the tempeh the best…I hadn’t really had beets before — and I was surprised that…they didn’t really taste like much. Very earthy. Though they weren’t my fave I gobbled up the whole thing.

When I got home — I was exhausted. I chomped on a couple of cheese sticks and took a nap for about an hour. I woke up to my phone ringing – seriously, my phone won’t ring for an entire day, but the moment I settle into take a nap — suddenly the world needs to get in touch with me. haha

Dinner…I went with my usual brown rice “medley” of sorts. Rice, peppers (sweet and spicy), edamame mix, soy sauce, hoisin and sriracha…oh and a few sunflower seeds. This was alright — not my fave concoction though.

I felt inspired to pull out the good ole pudding mix tonight. I haven’t used this stuff in a while! I go on food kicks…and I think I just eat something so much that I get tired of it… Needless to say, I was inspired tonight and decided to doctor up the normal mix.

Meet: Cinnamon-Vanilla Puddin’! It’s seriously so good — I just made my normal instant pudding mix, added a little extra vanilla extract and some cinnamon. BOMBBB. I’m currently wolfing it down. 🙂

I should probably hit the books soon…get some stuff done so I’m not stressed tomorrow.

How are you guys all doing?? Did you have you great weekends?



14 thoughts on “Doctorin' it up

    • i’m glad you had a good weekend!! i love that salad bar – that was my first venture into it…and i’ll be doing it again…it’s definitely the most economical way of getting your lunch from WF.

  1. I thought I was the only one who added cinnamon to vanilla pudding!! its so good! I used to have pudding so much that i got so sick of it, but I havent had it in so long so i think its time to whip up a batch soon 🙂 I did have a very busy weekend! I moved to Brighton (cleveland circle!)

  2. mmmm that pudding sounds delish. Do you just use an instant package and add vanilla + cinnamon? Sounds good!

    I have some low fat/low sugar white chocolate pudding mix here…I should make some 😀

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