Soup in a box

Hola beauties! How are you all doin??

I slept in today — the combination of the fact that I could not fall asleep last night for the life of me (major random food cravings kept me awake…popcorn finally did the trick) and the fact that I had no classes to get up for today meant that sleeping was totes on the agenda. 🙂 It felt glorrrious.

In spite of sleeping in, I was very productive! It started off with a verrrry strong latte. I think I may have finished only half of it and I was setttt. haha

I set out to clean my apartment — which was in desperate need of it — and had UP playing in the background. I simply love this movie — especially the music in it. Okay, and I’m a sucker for Doug, the talking dog. 🙂

After 96 minutes of cleaning (as, that’s how long the movie is) — I set up and got myself organized to do work this afternoon. I continued my list of what’s due. Luckily, I have a few more things checked off of the list now.

I was briefly distracted by hunger pangs, and the drama of 3 police cars and a fire truck arriving across the street. I have no clue what happened, but it distracted me enough to not take photos of my cheese, apple and popcorn.

I did. however, think it’d be fun to take pictures of the drama. Whatever it was. haha

Returning to my studies — I was especially productive for the rest of the afternoon.

For dinnahh, I decided to whip up a soup mix that my mom gave me as a stocking stuffer for Christmas.

While this was bubblin’ away (which, btw — made my apartment smell so AWESOME)…I decided I wanted some Green Goodness. Voila.

The soup only took about 40 min (and one minor mishap of boiling over…wooops, sorry clean stove!), and it was absolutely delicious. It was spicy and smooth…and just comforting. I have plenty of leftovers so we’ll see how well it “ages”! 🙂

Dessert, of course, was my cinnamon puddin’ from last night — revisited. haha Yum, yum, yum.

I’ve got to, at least, start a paper tonight — but we’ll see how far I get with that. I should get as much done as possible, but we’ll see.

Oh! I wanted to mention that I got rid of the twitter for this blog. It was a pain balancing two — and why not just OWN my blogging and use my initial account anyway, right? If anyone feels like it, I’m @jilianmarie on Twitttah, my account is private, but just send me one of those request dealies! 🙂

I hope you ladies (are there any guys out there?) are doing awesome!! Anyone got any major TV plans for tonight? It’s quite the night for television!


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