EZ Bake Oven

Omgosh — HELLO! haha Hi! I’ve missed you guys!!

Yes, I’m still alive — I took an impromptu … “break” from the blog this weekend. It wasn’t planned, but it ended up being a good thing. I went home to spend some time with mi madre…it was odd being home, and my dog not being there wriggling all over the place like she never thought you’d ever come home. I cannot imagine how truly lonely my mom is now that Haley is gone — and I know another pup is necessary — not only to love, but to stay with my mom, allow her to feel safe and to make things less lonely.

I brought my mom home some flowers. And they just so happened to be yellow. My mom immediately called them “Bit-O-Honey” and it was just too cute. For explanation, my dogs middle name was “Bit-O-Honey” because her parents both had candy as their middle names, and it was so fitting. She really was a little ray of sunshine.

So I spent the weekend chillin’ with my momma, and I went out and caught up with a former co-worker on Saturday night over margaritas. It was a lovely weekend…and I so did not want to return to the grind today. haha

I did though…this morning was a toughie, in terms of waking up. Oy! But I did it. I had watched the Super Bowl (YAY SAINTS!) and just couldn’t fall asleep for the life of me.

I grabbed a coffee in the cafe on the way to my 1st class. Which…was locked. So I waited…and waited…and waited. Yeh, nobody from my class showed up until the last minute – including my professor. It was just one of those Mondays, I guess. haha

I had a French quiz — I dunno how that one went…oh well, if it went badly there’s the rest of the semester to make up for it! The perfectionist in me is really nervous though, and just wants to know my grade so I can get it over with.

I broke for lunch in between French and Journalism and got a glorrrrious salad from the salad bar in the cafe. I’ve found that…contrary to any other college I’ve stepped foot on…the cafe is actually pretty cheap (well, for the stuff I want to eat). So I had a salad with spinach, edamame, feta, tomatoes, arugula and spicy peppers…topped it off with some balsamic and oil.

Got home, and did a little grocery shoppin’. Just a few things, and totally NOT the essentials. haha I was hankerin’ for some chocolate so I made myself a little microwave mint brownie. Oh yes — it’s like the EZ Bake Oven…for adults. haha πŸ™‚

4 Tablespoons of brownie mix, 2 Tablespoons of non-fat Chobani…50 seconds in the microwave. *cue angelic choir* Now, it’s anything but pretty, but it is so, so good!! πŸ™‚

Step 1:

Step 2 (I could have eaten it like this…):

Step 3 (Sorry it’s a little blurry – I got excited):

Hot, gooey brownie goodness!!!!

Dinner was leftover soup again…nom.nom.nom. It keeps gettin’ a little spicier as it sits. I’m not complaining….I love me some heat.

How was everyone’s weekend?!? What’d you all do??? I feel so out of the loop (I haven’t had the chance to get to my overflowing Google Reader, either! Ahh!) Fill me in chicas!!


10 thoughts on “EZ Bake Oven

  1. Hey girl! Sorry I haven’t commented in a while – I’ve been so bad with commenting on everyone’s blogs!

    I’m really sorry about your dog. It sounds like she was such a good dog and so full of love!

    That was really sweet of you to buy your mom flowers!

    So cool about the microwave brownie! Thanks for sharing how to make it! Sometimes I don’t feel like making a whole pan of brownies – not because I wouln’t eat all of them, haha! – but because I get impatient waiting for them to finish baking! Love that this one only takes 50 seconds in the microwave! Awesome!

    Hope you have a great day!

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